What To Expect In Your First Days of Campus

Quizzical About Campus?

Patricia Karanjah
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  • You will experience freedom on a whole new level.
  • You are your own parent.
  • Remember to have fun and make memories

Campus can be quite the experience for anyone who is starting. As with any new experience, campus life comes with many experiences that tend to deviate from the pre-thought expectations. However, to anyone about to experience it for the first time, campus life is what one makes it to be and there isn’t much that is too big about it, so do not be scared. Here is a quick list of what to expect in your first days of campus.


With new places that one is not accustomed to, you will always be faced with a great deal of confusion. The new places in the school and in the area around the school will need adjusting to. The new cultures and all the new people will more likely than not leave you in a fair amount of confusion.

Freshmen are often easily identified due to their visible state of confusion and awe. This is a part of life that any freshman in campus has had to go through, so do not panic, it shall pass. Take time to learn the school, the places, the people, the sites and you will sooner than later be okay.

Diversity and change

Campus is a hub for throngs of people from all cultures and backgrounds. All these people come together for the common goal and it can be quite overwhelming and intriguing. In campus you will meet people who do things differently, who behave differently and handle situations differently.

With diversity comes change. Change, as the men of old say, is inevitable. It is the one part of life that is inescapable. However, change can be good too. You can use these diverse people and cultures as a learning opportunity and a growing opportunity. You can also have fun embracing the change.

Making and losing friends

Campus Students in Kenya

It comes as no doubt that you will make and you will loose friends. It is a part of life that you may hate, but it is real. You will fall out and lose touch with most of your friends who are far away and you will make new ones.

You will meet so many new people and you will click with most of them and build a friendship. Embrace all these new people and enjoy the ride. At the same time, be careful who you make friends with. It all ends up with the ball being in your court. How you play it is always up to you.

Freedom and Peer Pressure

More likely than not, campus will come with a lot of freedom. Most people find themselves a bit further away from home. Others still find themselves at home, but with an increased sense of freedom and responsibility from parents and loved ones. Freedom can be both good and bad.

Freedom is accompanied with lots of choices. Peer pressure is also inevitable with all the new friends made and the old ones. Friends coupled with freedom is a recipe for peer pressure. It is up to you to choose the kind of peer pressure and what to do with all the freedom.

Growing up and responsibilities

You have to grow up and be more responsible. You will have to handle things on your own. You will have to learn how to grow and be better all on your own. This starts even on the first days of campus. However, be sure that you can handle it. Growing up is not as bad is it is termed.

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Education is relatively different. Nobody will follow you to attend classes or do your assignments. It is up to you to choose whether you will or you will not. Your parents, your lecturers will not follow you to do anything. You have to find your own ways about the schedules and school. This is the major reason why you are in campus, so do not neglect it.

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Make memories and have fun

Life is too short after all. The campus life aspect of it as well is short. It too shall pass and soon you will be done with that part. As with everything else in life enjoy.

Live life and have fun

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