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  • Kisii University is a public institution located in Kisii County.
  • From Kisumu, Kisii is 112.2 Km away and 789km from Mombasa.

Are you a student joining Kisii University, or a parent looking to admit your son or daughter to Kisii University? If so, this article will take you through the best affordable hostel accommodations inside and around Kisii University.

Here, I provide you with insight into what is best, and what kind of accommodation you need. Let me break it down for you.

Let’s dive in!

Where is Kisii University?

Kisii University is a public institution located in Kisii County. Kisii County is adjacent to Nyamira County and rests within the Nyanza region of Kenya. The town is 312km from Nairobi, if you travel through Narok Town. The journey is approximately 5-6 hours long. From Kisumu, Kisii is 112.2 Km away and 789km from Mombasa. If you decide to use a flight, you’ll take approximately 48 minutes to arrive in the town.

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From the town, you will require a 5-20 minute drive to the Main Campus gates, depending on whether the road is congested or not. The gates of the campus are pretty obvious, and there is almost no chance that you can get lost.

Now that you have gotten a rough picture of the geographical location, let’s dive into the main topic.

Internal University Hostel Accommodation

Internal University Hostels

Kisii University, like all other universities, provides internal accommodation, that costs Ksh.3,500 per semester. This translates to Ksh.7,000 per year, and Ksh.10,500 for medicine and surgery students and other students who have a trimester curriculum.

Internal accommodation only caters for 800 students, who will be determined by the university intake policies. Most often, the first-come-first-served technic is used and less than a quarter of all students are usually accommodated within the university grounds.

With over 6,000 first-year students being admitted, you must get ahead in terms of finding suitable residences. For this reason, I have listed the top hostels around Kisii University that may be of help to you. (Don’t get me wrong, these are just hostels I have handpicked for you. There are rental houses too, and your preference should determine your choice over external hostel accommodation)

What are the amenities provided in the internal university hostels?

For students who are lucky enough to get internal accommodation from the university, they will enjoy a range of benefits that include but are not limited to:

  1. Constant water supply.
  2. Constant electricity is backed up by a powerful generator that kicks in during a power outage.
  3. Easy food accessibility from the student mess.
  4. Proximity to the school library, classes and restaurants on campus.
  5. Free Wi-Fi
  6. Security – Kisii University has a good security system. Despite this, all students are urged to protect their personal property like laptops, clothes etc.
  7. Easy access to the school medical annexe
  8. Proximity to the school field and other exercise facilities.

External Kisii University Hostel Accommodation

1. Ajaz Hostels

Located just behind Kisii University, is an orange-painted flats apartment that charges Ksh.12,000 per semester (This value may fluctuate depending on the landlord’s preferences. The rooms accommodate two or one individual, depending on your arrangement with the caretaker or landlord.

This apartment hostel has a regular water supply schedule, together with an in-building borehole. Students also enjoy free Wi-Fi as part of their accommodation benefits.

2. Somoni Hostels

Located just a few meters from Ajaz, the hostel is painted red and is almost the size of Ajaz hostels. Rent may vary, according to your arrangement with the caretaker or landlord, but the generally acknowledged amount is Ksh.8,000 per semester. Students may share rooms with a maximum of four.

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Kisii University Sakagwa block and Tution Complex

3. Orange House Hostels

While many students claim that the residence is quite expensive, the building is quite an upgrade from the other hostels. This, however, does not mean that other areas aren’t as good. Over the last few years, other hostels have upgraded to have the same standards as Orange House.

Note: Orange House is a rental accommodation residence for students and not a hostel. Rent is paid monthly, at Ksh.6,000 or more.

The building is well secured and you can safely live there without any fear of mugging.

4. Westgate Hostels

This hostel is also adjacent to the Somoni hostel. It has proximity to the University and houses a lot of campus students. Water is regularly supplied. Rent starts from Ksh.3,000 onwards.

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5. Mara Hostel

This is particularly painted green. Several residents and former residents confirm that the building is of high quality and well-secured. Rent is paid monthly at Ksh.5,000 per month. This is a rental residence.

6. Roma-Center

This is a rental residence unit. It charges Ksh.3500-4500 per month. The area is some distance from Kisii University’s main Campus.

7. Hapo Nje Ya Gate

I should have started with this, but anyway, the damage is already done. As you have noticed, This rental apartment is just outside the University gate. In my own opinion, this is the most convenient place to live. It is for this reason that you will most probably miss a chance to get accommodation if you don’t plan early. Everyone keeps tabs on whether there is a vacant room or not.

Rent is around Ksh.4,500 per month with stable water and electricity supply.

8. Galilaya Flats

This building is a little bit farther away from the University’s main campus but still serves its purpose. It’s located at Galilaya Junction, a 2-minute walk from Mwembe Junction. The building is a landmark as it is just next to the road.

Rent may vary, but generally ranges between Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.6,000 per month. A student may choose to live alone or with a roommate.

Water supply has a regular schedule.

9. Safeway Flats

This is another large student residence in Kisii. Here, students can choose to live with roommates or alone. Rent is about Ksh.4,500 per month, translating to Ksh.18,000 per semester.

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I can only discuss so many areas of residence in a single blog post. Below is a list of several other well-known residential areas.

  • Jerusalem Flats
  • Lena Flats
  • Chemin Hostels
  • Vichmas Hostels
  • Diklens Hostel
  • Manoti Hostel
  • Hollywood
  • Riverside


Above, are residential areas, to the best of my knowledge.

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