7 Secrets for a Successful Business in Kenya

What are the traits of an entrepreneur with a bright future?

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  • One characteristic of an entrepreneur is being in charge of identifying a market gap and filling it appropriately.
  • Business plans is show investors that they can invest in your venture and reap profit.

What are the secrets to a successful business? It is widely acknowledged that start-ups can be precarious, with statistics showing that only 8% of new businesses survive beyond the five-year mark.

Yes, 8%!

Oftentimes, the lack of investment and commitment is a significant contributor to the failure of these ventures.

In light of this, it is crucial to understand the key elements that contribute to the success of a business.

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Therefore, in this article, we will be exploring the characteristics and attributes of entrepreneurs who have the potential for a prosperous future in their respective industries. Though many of these traits are commonly recognized as fundamental principles, they are often overlooked in practice.

Pay attention:

Practice Financial Discipline

Financial discipline is a crucial component in achieving long-term success, both personally and professionally. It starts by developing the habit of making informed financial decisions and avoiding impulsive purchases. To effectively manage and grow larger sums of money, it is essential to first demonstrate the ability to effectively manage smaller amounts.

Before making any major purchases, it is important to consider whether the item is truly necessary and if it fits within your budget. Prioritizing essential expenses such as rent and bills over non-essential purchases can help avoid financial strain in the future.

Once basic financial responsibilities have been met, consider potential investment opportunities to grow your surplus. Additionally, suppose you have met all the above criteria and still have disposable income. In that case, it is important to treat yourself responsibly and strategically, keeping in mind the need to recover any money spent on luxury items.

Consistency Is Key to a Successful Business

“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once!”

Mark Cuban – Business Entrepreneur

Starting a business is a challenging endeavour, and it is not uncommon for new ventures to face obstacles in their early stages. If you have recently launched a business that has yet to gain traction, it is important to remember that success is often the result of consistent and persistent effort. The adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here; the process of building a successful business takes time and dedication. It is crucial to remain focused and persistent, even when progress may seem slow or elusive.

Similar to working out at the gym, the results may not be immediately visible, but with consistent effort over time, you will see the desired outcome.

This may mean sacrificing time with family and friends and working on weekends and holidays, but if you are willing to make these sacrifices, you increase your chances of success.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day


Practice Emotional Stability and rationality

As a novice trader in the foreign exchange market, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls that can arise from allowing emotions to influence trading decisions.

Instead of making impulsive choices, it is crucial to conduct a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to make informed and strategic moves.

In the business world, it is important to maintain a professional attitude and not let personal feelings affect the bottom line. For example, refusing to sell a product to a client simply because of a previous altercation would be detrimental to the success of your business.

Additionally, it is essential to maintain a clear separation between personal and professional life. Even if you may be experiencing personal difficulties, it is important to continue to operate your business as usual. In short, neither positive nor negative emotions should be allowed to disrupt the daily operations of your business.

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Meet The Right People

Having a strong and reliable support network is crucial for the success of any business. This includes having the right partners to collaborate with. These individuals can provide valuable resources such as funding and legal guidance and valuable insights to help optimize and improve your business concept, leading to increased profitability.

Seeking Substantial and Appropriate Sources of Capital

Perhaps this is the foundation of everything in business. Let’s face it! Your business is not going to kick off without money.

Capital can be sourced from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include savings, salaries, friends’ contributions and relatives.

Secondary sources include; loans, shylocks, grants etc. Loans are the most common way of seeking funding. However, in cases where you don’t push your business to succeed after seeking a loan,  you may end up bankrupt and your business will have to be closed down.

You must have a target market

One characteristic of an entrepreneur is that you are in charge of identifying a market gap and filling it appropriately. For example, you are not going to make any profit by opening a beauty parlour next to a boys’ boarding school.

Selling tomatoes next to a bus stop, however, may just be a perfect idea. Think about it. Everyone going home at 6.00 pm is likely going to have supper and must therefore purchase anything necessary to feed his/her family.  

Starting a car-washing business next to a petrol station is also a bright idea. You will be the closest and most convenient car washing service supplier.

Have a business plan

Have A Business Plan

As much as you think that this is not important, business plans serve many purposes. One of them is making sure you follow the strategic blueprint for entrepreneurial success.

Another importance of a business plan is showing investors they can trust you by investing to reap profit from your venture. For more information about this, search for Shark Tank videos on YouTube.

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Learn how to write a comprehensive business plan here.


In conclusion, the road to a successful business is not always easy, but by understanding and implementing the seven secrets we have discussed, you can increase your chances of success. These secrets include: having a clear and unique business idea, financial discipline, consistency, having the right partners, emotional stability, and understanding of the market. Remember, building a successful business takes time and effort, but by following these rules, you can set yourself up for success and achieve your business goals.

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