KeCredit Loan App Details, Review & Application Process

This article will take you through the KeCredit loan app application procedure and all the important information you need to know.

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KeCredit mobile-based lending platform offers timely and affordable loans for you straight to your M-Pesa account. If you are looking for a quick way of accessing a loan without a credit report from CRB, KeCredit is among the best options you’ve got. This article will take you through the loan application procedure and all the important information related to the loan app.

We welcome open and honest feedback from our readers. Your reviews on our website help other Kenyans make informed decisions. To get a complete picture, we encourage you to read through all of the comments at the end of this post before getting started with the Kecredit Loan App. We aim to provide a space for constructive dialogue from multiple perspectives.

Carson Osoro, Author.

Let’s dive in;

Important information about the KeCredit loan app

On Google playstore, the application is about 11MB and should not be a problem in terms of phone storage space.

The application is rated for 3+, meaning that it is suitable for all age groups and requires an operating system of 5.0 upwards.

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The platform is offered by AZURA CREDIT LIMITED and boasts over 500,000 downloads, since 17th August 2022.

Here is an organized table of all the important information;

Access ApplicationGoogle Playstore/ Apple Store
Playstore Rating4.0/5.0
Download Size11 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0 upwards
Email[email protected]
Offered ByAzura Credit Limited
Alternative Application MethodN/A
Service fee3% – 8%
Loan limit (KES)2,000 – 50,000
Interest rate16% to 30%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)6.72% to 128.3%
Repayment window91-365 days
Additional chargesDefaulters’ Interest
Age Limit20 to 60 Years
Minimum RequirementsKenyan Citizenship, Source of income
Repayment Paybill Account Number4081643 Your Registered Phone Number
KeCredit Additional Details

How to apply for a KeCredit loan on your phone

  1. Download and install the KeCredit Mobile app from the Google Playstore.
  2. Notice of terms, conditions and privacy policies will appear on your screen. Click Agree and continue.
  3. The KeCredit loan app will need to access a few permissions from the ones listed above. Allow all and proceed.
  4. For a new user, click Register enter your phone number and request a verification code that you will receive through SMS. Proceed to the next window.
  5. Fill in your registration details accurately. This information will be used to determine your approval. Click Submit
  6. You will then be directed to the main dashboard. Click on Get Loan Now, after adjusting the amount you wish to borrow from the lender. Make sure you also select the number of days you wish to repay your loan. Note that the longer the period, the higher the interest fees.
  7. Input your basic information, and click Continue
  8. In the next window, input your personal information that includes: educational details, marital status, employment status, etc.
  9. Proceed to fill in your contact information in the next window.
  10. Click submit and wait for a verification message from the lending platform server.
  11. Your loan will be deposited INSTANTLY upon approval.

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What permissions does the KeCredit loan app require?

Below is a list of all the application permissions required by the Fair Kash+ loan application.

  • Contacts – To read and modify your contacts
  • Storage – Modify and delete contents of your phone storage, including those in your SD card
  • Telephone – Read phone status and identity
  • SMS – Read your text messages
  • Location – To access your precise location via GPS and network to make out your approximate geographical position via a network.
  • Advertising ID permission
  • Read phone numbers
  • Run foreground service
  • Access Bluetooth settings
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Have full network access
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Pair With Bluetooth devices
  • Access extra location provider commands

What do users say about the loan app on the Google Playstore?

Positive reviews: Names withheld due to privacy

“It has been the best app so far. Kindly and I repeat kindly don’t follow in the footsteps of some other apps here that flood one’s inbox with text messages even when the due date is a day ahead. So far I have had a wonderful experience with you.”

“Wow! I like this app’s quick disbursement and simple steps … If you can only work on the interest rate it’s a bit high though for emergencies, I would recommend a friend you have my 4 stars”

“The only App that cares for a common citizen, easy to download and use with low-interest rates. Kudos!”

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  • I have cleared my payment and need to stop receiving threatening messages from you and acknowledge clearance.

    SAB1P03PIZ Confirmed. Ksh14,000.00 sent to AZURA CREDIT LIMITED for account 254723139169 on 11/1/24 at 10:44 AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh92.21. Transaction cost, Ksh57.00.Amount you can transact within the day is 481,417.00. Pay your water/KPLC bill conveniently using M-PESA APP or use Paybill option on Lipa Na M-PESA.

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      Thank you for reaching out. However, we are not affiliated to KeCredit Loan App, and do not earn anything by posting this review here. Kindly reach out to them through the proper channels stated in the blog article.

      I hope your issue is solved promptly.


    • I recently took a loan from them to assess their services.I was charged 5000 sh for a loan of 8000sh payable within one month. I definitely do not recommend them and hereby warn Kenyans to be aware of such unscrupulous firms. The central bank is culpable for licensing such operators. It recently fined Kecredit 2.5 million for stealing people’s data. I sincerely believe they should be fined more for stealing cash from vulnerable Members of the public. People should be made aware and I hope the government finally realizes what it means to govern.

    • The worst platform very unprofessional,text messages even before due date of loans and after payment they still send threatening messages

  • I paid my loan but am still receiving threatening messages is this how it’s supposed to work? Can’t I just have peace I keep receiving spam message after every minute

    • Hello Beatrice,

      Kindly reach out to their customer support through the contacts we have provided in the article above.

      We hope your issue will be resolved promptly.


      • These ke credit are adding abnormal interest on top of my loan because of defaulting two days,i won’t pay the interest charged but will pay what i borrowed,these people are thiefs and should be avoided at all cost

  • I repaid a loan on the kecredit app an amount of Kshs 5,500/- on 22/08(due date was 23/08) that was yesterday but the app still shows I owe this amount , due on 30/08. Now when I check the loan history it does not show the payment I made on 22/08? And was again asked by kecredit no.0113516485 to make another payment of 5,500/- on the same day i.e 22/08 by 8.00 pm. Can someone please explain and clarify to me what’s going on?

    • I have a similar problem with KeCredit loan repayment. Yes, While I have and acknowledge I have delayed , but am confused which is their official Trade name and Paybill,in addition to several callers threatening me.

      Can such concerns be clarified to avoid unnecessary mistrust?

    • SAB1P03PIZ Confirmed. Ksh14,000.00 sent to AZURA CREDIT LIMITED for account 254723139169 on 11/1/24 at 10:44 AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh92.21. Transaction cost, Ksh57.00.Amount you can transact within the day is 481,417.00. Pay your water/KPLC bill conveniently using M-PESA APP or use Paybill option on Lipa Na M-PESA.

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