Top 10 Most Marketable Courses in Kenya 2023

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Patricia Karanjah
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  • Medical doctors have always been needed.
  • Nurses are also crucial in Kenya

Education is the key, as many people say. However, with the country’s status as it is, with ever-increasing rates of unemployment and underemployment, one has to be quite thorough in research before picking a course to study. In Kenya, you have to do a marketable course, to give you some kind of fighting chance in the job market as it is.

Below is a list of the ten most marketable courses in Kenya.

1. Medicine

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For as long as the medical field has existed, medical doctors have always been needed. Not only is medicine the most marketable course in Kenya, but it is also high-ranking all over the world. Granted that it is a very demanding course, with the shortage of qualified general doctors and specialized doctors in Kenya, the job market has many opportunities.

Despite this field being very attractive, the flip side is that it is also very competitive. You must have aced your KCSE exams to qualify for selection by KUCCPS. To make it worse, once you get into medical school, you will have to work extra hard so that you are not kicked out of the program.

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2. Nursing

Nursing is also another very marketable course as the demand for nurses is always there from public health facilities to private health facilities. In addition to this, for a qualified nurse, it is easy to get job opportunities outside the country. Nursing in Kenya is ranked as among the most exportable courses.

Just like medicine, you need to develop a habit of reading and spaced repetition to maintain your presence in nursing school. There is no way out! You must be a bookworm.

3. Law

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The legal profession is not only considered noble but also fascinating and rewarding. Every country needs a functional justice system, and Kenya is no exception. Judges, lawyers, and legal personnel are critical components of this system and will always be in demand due to the continuous need for their services in resolving disputes and handling legal matters. The long hours put into this profession are well worth it.

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4. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a highly marketable field, especially in Kenya where the construction industry is experiencing tremendous growth. This growth has created countless opportunities for civil engineers, who play a crucial role in the planning, design, and execution of various construction projects. Whether it’s building new infrastructure, improving existing structures, or developing communities, civil engineers are in high demand. With their skills and expertise, they can shape the built environment and help drive economic development. This makes Civil Engineering a valuable and exciting career choice for individuals who are passionate about creating sustainable and livable communities.

In Kenya, you have to do a marketable course, to give you some kind of leverage in the job market.

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5. Software Engineering and Web Design

As the world shifts towards digitalization, Software Engineering and Web Design are in high demand. These fields offer vast opportunities as businesses, companies, and even personal engagements increasingly take place in the online realm. With a wide scope, individuals who study software engineering and web design can pursue a successful career within the industry or even choose self-employment. Whether it’s designing and developing software applications, building websites, or creating digital experiences, there’s no shortage of demand for skilled professionals in these fields.

6. Statistics

Statistics is a highly marketable field with a broad scope of employment opportunities. It is a perfect choice for individuals who have a passion for mathematics, numbers, and numerical analysis. This versatile and in-demand field can lead to a variety of careers, ranging from data analysis, market research, and financial forecasting to scientific research, government policy, and beyond. With the increasing importance of data and the rise of big data, the demand for statisticians continues to grow, making Statistics a valuable and fulfilling career choice.

7. Real Estate Management

With the growth observed and projected in the real estate market in Kenya, this course is very marketable at the moment. Being a fairly new course and only offered in a few universities, the market for it is quite full with many opportunities.

8. Quantity Survey

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Working closely with engineers and civil engineers in particular, with the current increases in construction in the country and with the growth estimated to continue taking place, a quantity survey course is marketable in Kenya at the moment.

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9. Bachelor of Commerce plus

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This is a marketable course with a wide array of packages to pick from. Regardless of being one of the most flooded courses, the course has very wide opportunities field if one can manoeuvre in the field.

10. Actuarial Science

Many companies and businesses are being set up and growing to large extents. With most of these looking to maximize their profits and generate revenue, personnel are needed to assess portfolio risks and manage them. Actuarial Science has opportunities in a country where companies and businesses are increasing every other day.

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Some other noted marketable courses in 2022 include architecture, structural engineering, GIS and remote sensing, bachelor of information technology, computer engineering and computer science, procurement and logistics, project management, pharmacy and electrical engineering.

When making any decision on the course to take, do thorough research and make a well-informed decision.

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