5 Diploma Courses that will secure your Future

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It is the desire of every student who has finished their secondary school education to proceed to a university and pursue their dream degree course. However, what will happen when you don’t manage to attain the needed points to pursue a degree program.

Though this situation can be disappointing, it is important to note that there are marketable diploma courses that you can still pursue. These courses will ensure that you secure a good job upon graduation. Not all diploma courses are reliable though. This article takes you through five most reliable diploma courses that will lead you into a lucrative career in future.

Diploma in Nursing

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In case you are interested in the medical field, this is a good program to consider. Kenya Medical Training College is one of the best colleges that offers diploma in nursing course. Nursing is one of the best diploma programs since it there is a shortage of skills in the market due to the rising demand for healthcare professionals in the country. Many hospitals and healthcare institutions are short-staffed and in the process of hiring qualified medical practitioners. Nursing is therefore a marketable diploma course that will secure you a successful career in future.

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

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Clinical medicine allows you to study medicine at diploma level in prestigious colleges like Kenya Medical Training College. The course gives you skills that enable you to provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative health care services to patients and the community at large. Clinical officers are highly required in the health field due to the rising number of healthcare services in demand at the moment and in the future. Apart from being a reliable course, clinical medicine also ensures that you earn a handsome salary in you professional career.

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Diploma in Human Resource Management

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Many business people are seeking professionals who can manage their businesses. Human resource managers are best fit for this role. The diploma course therefore comes in handy if you are interested in management of business investments since the program equips you with the skills required for the profession. Colleges that offer the program include Kenya Institute of Business Management Studies and KCA University.

Diploma in Information Technology

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This course equips you with a wide range of technological skills that come in handy during this digital era in the lucrative ICT industry. You can land a job in government and private offices or NGOs. It is also possible to start your own business with information Technological skills. Colleges offering the diploma program include KCA University and JKUAT.  

Diploma in Pharmacy

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This is one of the most sought diploma medical courses in the country. You will be equipped with skills that will enable you work in both public and private hospitals. Not only is the course in high demand in Kenya, but also globally.

It is vital to keep in mind that not being able to attain cut- off points necessary to do a degree course is not the end of the world. You can still study a diploma course and become a professional in a lucrative career just like those mentioned above. You will also earn a handsome pay check with benefits upon employment, All the best as you decide on which diploma course to study, and do not give up!

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