Six Things The Errands App Can Do For You!

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Everyone likes convenience, and what better way to portray this than having a multiple-function app at the palm of your hands? The errands app, developed by Icons team is convenience-based software that combines six functions into one app. The app aims at solving many problems that the average Mwananchi faces in his/her day-to-day activities. In this article, I will list 5 things that the errands app can do for you in a few clicks.

You can post errands/tasks

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This functionality is most applicable in business environments. For instance, if a hardware owner wants supplies transported from a warehouse to his stall, he/she can quickly upload the task and available taskers can carry out the errand on behalf of the businessman. Food stalls can also appoint a tasker to deliver food to a customer, therefore saving time and energy that can be invested in building the business.

You can order rides

The bodaboda transport sector has been incorporated into the app, linking riders and potential customers. Gone are the days where a bodaboda operator has to wait, under the burning sun, for a customer. Customers on the other hand enjoy safety, convenience and ultimately avoid fare manipulation by rogue riders. This functionality resembles that of Ebodaboda app, but that is an app review for another day.

Errands App; Fast And Reliable

Make deliveries quickly and safely

Errands app brings you safe and fast deliveries to the location you want. The app has a versatile ecosystem that collaborates with verified delivery agents, eliminating the hustle looking for a ‘delivery-guy’. The developers guarantee fast and reliable delivery services.
Shared rides, save your money

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Ever felt that bodaboda fare prices are too high? Your problem just got solved as the Errands app has a feature that enables users to book the same ride and split the fee. To access the feature, click on the shared rides card and choose between two or three people, depending on how many people you want to ride with.
Trucks for hire

Trucks linked to this app are usually involved in transporting bulky goods such as cement, gravel and timber. In other situations, a user may be moving from one house to another. This option allows you to choose the kind of truck you need e.g., canters, tippers, water trucks, dump trucks and exhauster trucks.

Versatility portrayed by the app is like no other. You should definitely try using the application.

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