Why I Should Have Downloaded Ebodaboda App Earlier

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Public disagreements are part and parcel of daily routine. You have at one time or another engaged in an argument with someone you have never known before. Well, one of the riskiest disagreements you can have is with a rogue bodaboda operator. In a bad day, you may end up on the receiving end of angry bodaboda operators defending one of their own.

How I almost got mobbed by riders

Back in 2020, I once boarded a bodaboda to school, with only Ksh.50.00 in my pocket. That wasn’t a big deal because I was a campus student. You see, the average amount of money in a student’s pocket in this century is Ksh.0.00 and an unpaid fuliza of around Ksh.700.00. So If I say it wasn’t a big deal, trust me it wasn’t.

This particular rider had red eyes and looked be unstable. I did not give it attention as I was in a rush to get to an exam that was starting in 10 minutes. The rider proved to be reckless and almost collided with a Toyota Probox. I asked the rider to stop immediately but to my surprise, he kept riding, turning a deaf ear to all my requests.

At that point, all I could do was hold tight to my destination. On arrival, he demanded that I pay double the price, Ksh.100.00, for the troubles I caused during the trip(asking him to stop the ride). I couldn’t pay that because first of all, it wasn’t the usual fare price and secondly, I didn’t have that amount of money. The bodaboda operator decided to take matters on his own hands and before I knew it, he was ready to deliver hefty blows on my face.

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Luckily, Campus Gate Wardens came to my rescue, pulled me from the man and defended me.

How Ebodaboda would have solved my problem

Ebodaboda apps serves to reduce such disagreements between the rider and customer. Riders on the platform are verified and customers are ensured safety and service satisfaction.

If by any chance I used the ebodaboda app my I would not have ended up in a near-death experience, as the riders on the platform have been verified. All their information is stored in servers and therefore no rogue rider can get away with crime or malpractice.

The app-based transport system has solved this and many more problems. Download it from google playstore and Apple app store.

Riders on the platform are verified and customers are ensured safety and service satisfaction.

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