Simple Apps That You Shouldn’t Miss In Your Phone; Digital Wellbeing

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  • Apps may consume your data and breach privacy but still not gain you any value.
  • Carefully hand-picked to help you have a great user experience.

Digital wellbeing is an important aspect of every modern smartphone user, in relation to personal security and good user experience. There are over 10,000 apps in the google playstore, and it is important to pick apps that will add value to your life.

Apps may consume your data and breach privacy but still not gain you any value. In a bid to reduce this, below are some of the best apps in google playstore, carefully hand-picked to help you have a great user experience.


This is an app I recently discovered that offers quick transport solutions especially to people in the corporate business. The app is a motorbike transport collaboration system that links motorbike riders with potential clients, eliminating the need for a client having to walk to the nearest stage.

Aside from that, the app is a way of mitigating against bodaboda related crimes such as theft and kidnapping, as all operators are registered in the transport system.

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Fare prices are also constant and therefore, users enjoy a system that is deficient of exploitation. Money paid is not too high for the customer, nor too low for the rider. You can call it an equilibrium of some sort.

The setup of this application is quite simple. First thing is to download the app from playstore and create your account using your phone number. Funding your account is necessary as all transactions will be made within the app. This is part of theit terms and conditions. More about this in a subsequent article.

The app is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to know how to use it.

Opinions App

This is an app that is centered in collecting information from people in form of paid surveys. I have personally used the app for over 3 years and gotten paid an average of $2.5 per month. This is not much, but in a situation where you have free time and energy, it doesn’t hurt to make some extra dollars.

I discovered this app after I finished highschool and signed up for their surveys that are offered by many different companies. The setup is quite simple, as I have explained below.

First of all, you need to download the Opinions App from playstore and sign up to the account, be sure to read their terms and conditions.

Secondly, open your google browser and search the words ‘Triaba’, ‘Surveynow’, ‘Surveyeah’, and ‘Mobiworks’, separately. These are the different survey companies that you will be working for. Create accounts in all those websites and be sure to use a rememberable password. I highly recomend Mobiworks as it is the most regular task suyvey company. I must say that in all my years of answering survey questions, Mobiworks has paid me the most.

Thirdly, after creating accounts in the mentioned websites, log in to your opinions app and there you will find all the mentioned companies. You will have to fill some crucial information such as your PayPal email, as that is what they will pay you through. In a situation where they don’t ask you for a PayPal address, make sure the email you used to sign up is linked to a PayPal account.

Finally, complete all profile questions provided to increase your chances of being selected for a survey. From there, you just wait for a survey notification via email or text message.

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Enough about money. Filesgo app is an app by Google LLC that enables you to easily manage your device’s storage, allowing you to delete unnecessary documents, photos and videos that may not be valuable to you. The app also detects duplicate files and enables you to delete the duplicates.

This app is a lite version of its original, called Files App, and therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about how kuch storage space it will consume. Consider only 4mbs of your device’s storage capacity is needed for the app.

The setup is pretty simple. You just download it from google playstore and you are ready to go. This app is for android users. For iOS devices, yours is an article for another day.

Notebook App

You already have this app. It is a default apps in all phones, at least all phones that I have interacted with. Many people underestimate the importance of this app. Take it as a means of storing important information on the go. It’s a modern replacement of a pen and notebook.

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For Instance, when I was writing this article, I made the first draft on the notepad app, then after I was satisfied with my content, I proceeded to publish it here.

This simple app is easier to use as compared to others such as Microsoft Notepad or any other that you may find on playstore. This however does not mean that the mentioned apps are not good. Everything has its merits and demerits. Find out what works for you.

I hope the mentioned apps work for you. I’ll be keep adding more to this list, or in subsequent articles. Make sure to keep visiting to find out more.

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