Course Units You Should Not Joke With In Education Science

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  • Common education units in the course.
  • Majoring Science subject units.
  • Future prospects after completing the course.

Bachelor of Education Science is one of the best courses taught in university campuses. It  is aimed to equip students with the required professional skills to be Science subject educators in secondary schools and middle level colleges. Each year, professional teachers are produced and released to the job market after four intensive years of training.

The course training involves a series of units done at classroom level and a three- month teacher trainee program in various high schools as selected by the course students. In the first year of study, students are required to take units of two science content subjects say Mathematics and Chemistry. They also do other common compulsory units required for all students who take the Education course. In total, students should have completed a total of 120 credits so that they can graduate after four years.

The units within the Education Science course are equally important and each one of them is given emphasis during lectures. There are however course units that you should never joke with when you are taking the Education Science course.

Common education units

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The process of education is never- ending. The government is trying to facilitate the betterment of education by training more teachers so that they can be highly qualified for the profession. The common compulsory units have been designed to help teachers keep up with trends and best practices in the field of education.

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You will be required to take common units such Education Curriculum, Communication, Psychology and Philosophy from your first year of study up to the fourth year. The units help you to be a more apt educator since they contain relevant instructions and guidelines to mentor today’s students. You will develop better organizations and planning skills through common units.

Through common units, you will gain knowledge and insight about the education sector. The units also enable you to learn better ways you can deliver the science content to students.  It was once discovered that the participation of teachers due to a well- designed professional training program leads to the achievement of students by up to 21%. Maximum concentration and effort will therefore come in handy in all the common units if you want to succeed in your teaching profession.

Majoring Science content subject units

From the second year of study, Education Science Students typically drop one of the science content subjects and concentrate on the other as a major subject; they will be required to teach this subject up to Form IV in secondary school.

Concentrating on your major teaching subject gives you deeper understanding and knowledge of that subject. This will therefore help you to better prepare your senior students for final exams. Focusing on your major science units will also enable you to decide any other employment opportunity you might venture into apart from teaching.

Remember that selecting a major science content subject is a big decision and should therefore be done with wisdom. The other science content subject you dropped becomes a minor subject which you will teach up to Form II level in secondary schools.

Future prospects

As a student taking the Education Science course, there are many employment opportunities in the job market apart from teaching. These include; a researcher in education/ industrial and agricultural institution, curriculum development personnel in the ministry, an education administrator, a public administrator and a lecture in universities and colleges in case you decide to further take your Masters and Doctorate degrees.

It is therefore vital that you take into consideration each unit that you will study in school. You never know where you will need it most.

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