7 Important Things You Should Know Before Joining Any Medical School In Kenya

Medical School Life

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Ups and downs of joining medical school
  • Medical School Requires grit and resilience.
  • Discipline is a key factor of success.
  • All in all, the pass list is paramount. Work hard to get into the next class.
  • Good luck.

Are you joining a medical school this year, or planning to in the near future? If you are, this article is meant for you. Moreover, if you are Kenyan, you will experience what I am about to tell you first-hand. However, if you are not from Kenya, keep reading as the content herein cuts across all geographical borders. All medical schools are similar, thus the experiences. With that said, let’s dive in.

Getting accepted into medical school is a momentous achievement that can bring a sense of pride and accomplishment. The feeling of seeing your name on that selection list can be euphoric and inspire confidence. However, it is important to acknowledge that this initial excitement may not accurately reflect the realities of medical school. The reality is that medical school is a challenging and demanding environment that requires hard work, dedication, and a strong support system. Nevertheless, this experience can be extremely rewarding, providing students with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of others. Here is what you should expect.

New Brilliant Minds

Medical Laboratory

Top cream! You may have heard this from older individuals, but don’t be misled. Medical school attracts some of the brightest minds from around the world, and competition can be fierce. Regardless of your previous academic achievements, success in medical school requires a combination of hard work, determination, and the ability to adapt to a new and challenging environment. You may be surprised by the abilities of your fellow students, and you should never underestimate your own potential.

Hardship Preparation

An Image of a student studying

Once you enter that medical class, prepare yourself for hardship. It’s purely tough. You must love books. You must bury your head in some Indian-Published books with 1000+ pages. You will most likely start your university education with anatomy, which at the moment, you may think is the hardest unit you have ever met. Well, get prepared for pathology in your third year, a story for another day.

Secondly, being a medical student requires you to adopt proper time management skills. You need to cut off watching too much. You don’t need to waste your Fridays in clubs or in gaming lounges. Being a medical student requires discipline, a concept most parents taught haphazardly.

Medical classes will take up your entire day, literally. If you are not in class, you are in the library, and if not in both, you are sleeping. This is the basic life cycle of a medical student. Deviate so much from this, and you risk failing, thus getting kicked out of the program. In simple terms, you have to adapt to hardship.

Tough Exams

Exams are part and parcel of any academic institution. They serve as a merit to determine one’s understanding of the concepts taught in class during a particular semester/trimester. Even though I see the point of having exams, I really don’t like them. So far, medical school exams are by far the ugliest. I have scored grades I never thought I would.  By this, I mean embarrassing grades. Honestly speaking, I have never given my parents my result slips. All they need to know is that I made it to the next class.

Exams in medical school are so serious that having a mwakenya (a paper with short notes in it) will not help. You simply cannot cheat without having prior content. You will simply fail. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. Many have tried and failed. Before you think of cheating, make sure that you are still capable of passing without the help of your illegal resources.

Class Relationships

Relationships in class

‘Don’t defecate where you eat’, is a common slogan used to discourage class relationships. While many have tried dating in the same class, I must say that finding that one person that compliments you is just wonderful. Of course, you will have challenges here and there, including academic competition, but once you manage that, you will be happy in that relationship. This can only work if both of you have a good understanding of each other. Otherwise, you are sailing a sinking ship.

Breakups with classmates can be so painful and awkward at the same time. You will see your ex for the rest of med school unless either of you chooses to drop out. Make your decisions wisely, and understand the merits and demerits of any situation, let alone relationships. Use the S.W.O.T analysis. From my point of view, I’d rather date anyone but a colleague. It saves you a lot of trouble.


More often than not, many medical students fall into this pit hole. It is really hard for people to reveal that they have mental problems. Mental issues may lead to truancy and drug abuse. Many medical students that didn’t solve their psychological issues have ended up in mental hospitals or in other courses. This is a problem that can’t be addressed in this article. Keep in touch for a detailed review of how to cope with depression in medical school.

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Drugs and Intimacy

Weird characters exist in medical school. From my own experience, I find medical students the weirdest characters. A student may look so brilliant in class, but drinks down 3 bottles of Hennessy every evening, like holy water.

The same student may have a body count that is embarrassing, to say the least. The same medical students will be in multiple relationships, that always involve an over-aged man, or woman, who is probably rich. This is a mechanism used to finance the lavish lives that most campus ladies live. I am not saying that these people are bad. My point is that they are just weird. You probably are worse, no offence.

There is this pride and reassurance that you have, especially when you are around friends. It is important to know that this is one of the most useless feelings you can have. I’m brutal, but it’s true

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The Infamous Pass List

After all the experiences listed above, the most important aspect of medical school is to see yourself promoted to the next year of study. There isn’t much to say about this. You just need to work hard enough to see yourself grow into that doctor you always admire. Good luck in medical school.

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