What You Need To Know About Bachelor Of Education Arts

Your Future Is In Education Arts

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  • Education Arts is a lucrative career.
  • You are guaranteed a job after campus.
  • Requirements for this course are easy to fulfill.

We all know that education is the key to life. For education to take place, a teacher must facilitate learning. If you have a great passion for teaching and meet the requirements, be sure you qualify to enroll for the course. Are you ready to know what the course entails ? Well, below is what you need to know about bachelor of education arts.

Read on to get a full comprehensive picture. Read here instead, to get additional details.

Entry Requirements

To enrol for Bachelor of Education Arts, you must have an overall minimum grade of C+ and above. It is the minimum degree entry for University application in the KUCCPS portal.

Besides the minimum requirements, students for the course should also meet the following criteria. This include:

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  1. Mean grade of C+ and above in KCSE and at least C+ in two teaching subjects. In addition, you should have at least D+ in Mathematics and a C plain in English.
  2. KACE with two principal passes and one subsidiary.
  3. A relevant KNEC Diploma from a recognized institution with a grade of C in KCSE and C+ in two teaching subjects.
  4. Those interested in Business Studies and Computer studies should have C+ in Mathematics.

Altogether, candidates must check out the requirements. It’s a must you should meet the guidelines before choosing the course.

University Offering The Course Program

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Before choosing the university, ensure it is accredited to offer the program. The course takes four years period of study at university. Semester fees depend if the campus is private or public.

Some of the universities include:

  1. Mount Kenya University Main campus.
  2. University of Nairobi Kikuyu campus.
  3. Kenyatta University Main campus
  4. Moi University Main campus
  5. Pwani University
  6. Kisii University
  7. Technical University Of Kenya

Subject Combination

Before settling on a specific subject combination, you should thoroughly research. Moreover, you should know if you are passionate about a particular subject. Do you want to do the subjects at will is competitive or not?

Here are some of the subject combinations as approved by the TSC:

  • Maths and Business Studies, Geography or Computer.
  • English and Literature.
  • Business Studies and Geography or Computer.
  • Kiswahili and History, Religious Studies or Geography.
  • History and Religious Studies or Geography.
  • Geography and Languages, e.g. French, German and Arabic.

Course Units

The students must complete all the academic units. By doing so, become a competent graduate. The following are units taught:

✓Sociology of Education.
✓Philosophy of Education.
✓Guidance and Counseling.
✓Educational Psychology.
✓Education Administration, Planning and Instructional.
✓Education Assessment and Evaluation.
✓Communication Skills.
Curriculum Development.
✓Human Growth and Development.
✓General Methods of Teaching and Pedagogy.

Specific subjects are also taught, and they have special units. This unit is divided into several semesters. It depends on the academic year in which the units will be covered.


The course aims to produce high-quality graduates with excellent skills and values. Moreover, teachers completing the study should be highly competent in their areas of specialization.

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The program is specifically designed to achieve the following main objectives. These include:

  • Prepare learners to become valuable people in the society.Teach students to appreciate the environment and make it a better place.
  • Comprehend learners to accept that life is a diversity of various beings.
  • Provide comprehensive training to learners to become competent experts in their future professions.
  • Teach students to value others regardless of their beliefs, culture and social status.


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After the course study, you need to seek a career that best suits your interest. The most obvious first option is to become a professional teacher. You can teach in Secondary schools or Teacher’s Training Colleges.

You can also work in other fields, including the a career counsellor and education consultant.

Bottom Line

Bachelor of Education Arts equips learners with skills and values that are highly marketable. With those skills, you are able to make the environment a better place and a great society.

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If you have a great passion for teaching and meet the requirements, be sure you qualify to enroll for the course.

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