20 Crazy Hairstyles for Kenyan Ladies

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Hair is a major form of self-expression and personal style for women in Kenya. From natural textures to bold colors, braids, twists, locs, and curls, Kenyan ladies are always at the forefront of hair trends and creativity.

If you’re looking for a new way to switch up your look, get inspired by these 20 fun and fabulous hairstyle ideas for Kenyan women.

1. Fulani Braids with Beads

Pinterest: Fulani braids are probably the hottest Black hairstyle of (sorry crochet braids, looks like you’ve had your moment).

The Fulani braiding style features slim cornrow braids that run horizontally across the head, with decorative beads threaded through the braids. This is a popular protective style that is simple yet makes a statement.

  • Use hair cuffs or gold beads for extra decoration
  • Great way to accessorize braids
  • Lets you add color with vibrant beads

2. Bold Ombre Color

Blue Ombre

Make a dramatic change by coloring your natural hair or weave/braids in vivid ombre shades like electric blue, magenta, violet, or fire engine red. The colors look amazing with brown skin tones. See more here.

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  • Fun way to experiment with unnatural colors
  • From roots to tips, or color just the ends
  • Use semi-permanent hair dye for less commitment

3. Short Twists

Short Twits

Short twists are a chic, manageable way to style natural hair. For added interest, twist the hair in the front and leave the back section loose.

  • Great protective style for growth
  • Maintain moisture with oils and moisturizers
  • Change partings to create new look

4. Ribbon-Wrapped Buns

This feminine updo is created by wrapping satin ribbons around stacked buns. Use bold colors and patterns like African prints for extra pop.

  • Fun alternative to hair ties/bands
  • Covers bun holder for seamless look
  • Lets you coordinate with outfit

5. Faux Locs

Get length and volume quickly with faux locs or “faux dreds”. Try jumbo size locs in ombre shades or with metallic threads woven through.

  • Achieve lock look without commitment
  • Lots of styling versatility
  • Add beads, cowries, cuffs as accessories

6. Marley Twists

Marley twists are flirty and low maintenance. Created with twisted synthetic hair, they have a curly spring-like texture. Mix honey blonde, brown and black shades for dimension.

  • Bouncy, beachy style
  • Lots of length and fullness
  • Simple twist maintenance

7. Crimped Hair

For 80’s retro style, crimp natural or straightened hair in small sections for an all-over defined, wavy texture.

  • Use crimping iron for defined results
  • Also works on wigs/extensions
  • Layer and tease for volume

8. Cornrows with Cowrie Shells

Decorate neat straight back cornrows with cowrie shells or gold beads/cuffs for an earthy, natural statement.

  • Cowrie shells symbolize power
  • Great protective style
  • Easy to decorate and accessorize

9. Blonde Box Braids

Stand out from the crowd with platinum, icy blonde box braids. The bold color pops against dark brown or black skin tones.

  • Use coloring or blonde synthetic hair
  • Transition style for going lighter
  • Requires minimal upkeep

10. Short Rainbow Curls

Show off your fun and flirty side with tight ringlets curled in a spectrum of rainbow shades. Best on shorter natural 4C hair.

  • Great protective style
  • Use semi-permanent colors
  • Defines and stretches curls

11. African Print Head Wraps

Wrap hair up and stand out with colorful African print or lace fabric head wraps. Create unique folds, knots and layering for artistic flair.

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  • Lets natural hair rest
  • Complement your outfit
  • Look stylish without styling

12. Fulani-Inspired Updo

This elegant updo is created by pulling cornrows into a top knot bun, then wrapping loosely braided pieces around the base in Fulani style.

  • Regal, sophisticated look
  • Decorative hair rings optional
  • Finish with jewelry and accessories

13. Jumbo Goddess locs

Make a serious style statement with extra long, jumbo goddess faux locs. Go for ombre shades or add gold beads for luxe effect.

  • Achive instant length and fullness
  • Fun alternative to braids
  • Perfect summer style

14. Puff Puff Pass

Embrace the retro vibes with voluminous curled afro puffs piled high on your head, and accented with bold hair ribbons.

  • Great way to style natural hair
  • Lets curls pop
  • Add matching ribbons

15. Geometric Braid Designs

Show off your mathematical flair with intersecting micro braids arranged in cool geometric patterns across your head.

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  • Make bold symmetrical designs
  • Creative way to style braids
  • Add gold cuffs for extra decoration

16. Crimped Faux Hawk

Crimp the sides and back while leaving longer crimped hair down the middle for an edgy textured faux hawk hairstyle.

  • fun punk rock vibe
  • Pairs well with makeup
  • Use strong hold gel

17. Poetic Justice Braids

Janet Jackson from the movie ‘Poetic Justice’

Channel Janet Jackson’s iconic box braids from the movie Poetic Justice. Straight back braids work for all face shapes.

  • Slim, feminine braids
  • Add beads, gold, or cuffs
  • Great protective style

18. Bold Hair Painting

Make a bold statement by painting vibrant designs like flowers, shapes, animals, or African prints onto your natural curls.

  • Temporary hair color options
  • Fun way to accessorize hair
  • Paint roots a different color

19. Bantu Knot Out

Get beautifully defined curls by sectioning hair into Bantu knots then unraveling to display bouncy ringlets.

  • Great curly style
  • Define and stretch curls
  • Play with partings

20. Frosted Tips


Give off 90’s vibes with frosted tips! Have the ends of twists, braids, or curls dipped in platinum blonde.

  • Fun ombre effect
  • Works on natural or added hair
  • Use temporary coloring


With incredible versatility in textures and styling options, Kenyan women are setting trends in the world of hair and beauty. Which of these fun hairstyles resonated with you? Try out a new look and let your inner hair artist shine! We’d love to see your hairstyle experiments, so share photos with us

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