The Big Question; Can Ebodaboda Guarantee Customer Safety?

Customer Safety

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  • The EBodaboda app strives to ensure customer safety.
  • Recall the Zimbabwean diplomat who was molested in Westlands by bodaboda operators.
  • No one wants to die in a road accident

Have you ever sat on a motorbike on your way to work or class and ended up being disgusted by the service? Have you ever felt that your rider is rushing too much or overtaking so hastily that he/she may cause an accident?

This is a common problem facing many Kenyans and some may not have the courage to confront their motorbike riders and ask them to slow down. Worse still, some customers have paid double the fare price fearing being attacked by a motorbike mob.

This and so many other problems are facing this niche in the transport sector and has been upon the Iconz Hub to solve the issues presented here.

Over-speeding and Drunkenness

No one wants to die in the hands of a motorbike rider. Road accidents arise from careless drivers and poor cognitive function of a rider. Some riders may also be drunk while driving you. Such riders are blotted out from the Eboda transport system to ensure that customer safety is upheld. Iconz does not tolerate careless drivers.

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Zimbabwean Lady Molested By Bodaboda Operators

Recall March 4th, 2022, when motorbike riders assaulted a Zimbabwean diplomat in westlands after she allegedly caused a minor accident (I bet you didn’t know the woman was a foreigner). The lady was sexually assaulted to a level that President Uhuru Kenyatta, got concerned and ordered a state crackdown of all suspects and immediate apprehension of the criminals.

16 boda boda operators were arrested and on 1st April 2022, they were ordered to collect their national IDs and other belongings from the Gigiri Police Station after being released from custody. The DPP said that there was insufficient evidence to charge the suspects.

Imagine your sister, mother or girlfriend being in such a situation, where rogue operators molest them, in a bid to justify some road accident. No one wants to see someone close to them undergo such a traumatizing experience and that is where the Eboda app-based transport system comes in.

The riders in contracted in Eboda are scrutinized and checked to ensure that their locations are marked and in a situation where such a problem arises, the eboda team can do a full-scale scan on all suspects and proper consequences imposed on the riders.

This is a story of security and how each Kenyan can take part in improving safety for everyone.

Many youth of this generation comically prefer to die in an accident with a Land Cruiser TX than by a motorbike

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