Glovo, Errands, Uber Eats; Which Is The Best Food Delivery App in Kenya?

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  • Glovo; Only in big towns
  • iconz Errands proved to be most efficient in both cities and small towns
  • Uber Eats is similar to Glovo
  • Jumia Food has mixed reactions

I recently came across a few apps in the google playstore that are quite fascinating, and I think you should definitely try them out. You may have come across some, while others may be new to you. I’ll focus on some food delivery apps and highlight their advantages.

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App-based food delivery is one of the most efficient methods of getting a quick meal, especially in situations where the user does not intend to walk up to the nearest restaurant or prepare his/her own meal.

These food delivery systems also work best in situations where members of a corporate are in a meeting, and due to their tight schedules, may not have the time to sit in some hotel and have their meal. In such cases, the secretary of the organization or any other person may make an order on behalf of the team, and this efficiency is one that has never been experienced before.

Without any further introduction;


From my own perspective, I think Glovo is the most efficient food delivery app in Kenya. Their marketing team has been quite on their A-game in making sure that Kenyans know they exist. I am a regular user of twitter and this is how I came across this app.

My curiosity led me to download the app (it’s only 19mbs). The setup was quite simple as I signed in with my Facebook account, and it used my phone GPS to locate me position (Kisii County)
I had already confirmed that my M-pesa balance was sufficient to make an order only to get a notification that my area was not one of the places that the App service worked.

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This is the first problem that most users will complain about. This major food delivery apps seem to work only in major towns such as Nairobi, Kisumu etc.

Errands App

Having being disappointed by Glovo, I wasn’t really interested in any other food delivery apps until I found out about Errands app, also through social media marketing. Without any hesitation, I made sure to download the app and try it out.
The app setup was also quite simple as it required my phone number and a username. The app is all rounded, i.e., it has many other services apart from food delivery.

From my analysis, you can order almost anything, book a motorbike ride, deliver a product to your client or book a service. All this work best especially if you are a Kisii county resident.

From my perspective, this app tops my list of the apps mentioned in this piece, as it serves my immediate needs. Feel free to check the app through this link below.

Uber Eats

Uber, an international company has seemingly found its way into almost all countries and taking over all e-services. This is by far the biggest app-based food delivery service.

I personally haven’t tried ordering via the app but I still made the effort of downloading it. I was met by the same response as that of Glovo, that the services are not yet available in my region.

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This message is really annoying. Imagine chilling in your house and you decide to watch Netflix, only to see, “Dear customer, this service is not yet available in your area. We look forward to expanding soon!”

Jumia Food

You may be having some pre-judgement about the services offered by this app. That’s why I left it for last. Many of my friends have been using Jumia for shopping because of their surprisingly low prices. I expect the same to be in their food. They have established themselves in such a way that the name Jumia is equivalent to cheap.

However, it is important to not that cheap may sometimes be expensive. The food may be of low quality, or even of high quality, but the quantity could be disappointing.

These apps mentioned are by far the best as per my analysis. If you are in a place that has not gotten really developed, then feel free to use the Errands app, as it will serve you better.

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