A Special Key to Unlocking Job Opportunities in Kenya

Mindsets that negatively impact your career life and job opportunities in Kenya.

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You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t realized that searching for a job in Kenya is like embarking on a wild-goose chase. It is for this reason that you should stop job-hunting until you understand what it takes to land a job in Kenya. This article will therefore list and explain three mindsets that negatively impact your career life in Kenya.

Therefore, you should stop job hunting until you change the mindsets described below;

Beggars are not choosers

You need to stop thinking about employment as an arrangement where your employers are at the top and you are at the bottom, receiving from them. Employment is not a predator pyramid, but rather, an exchange of services for pay.

Employment is like a business transaction, where you offer your employers, or rather, your clients, a service in terms of skills and time. The employers then pay you in cash.

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Once you employ this perspective of thought, you will then realize that you have a choice.

You are not a beggar, but a service provider and consequently, you have a choice in who you wish to provide your time and services.  

Jobs you apply to are limited to your educational background

In the current modern world, what you know ultimately supersedes your academic background.

While your academic qualifications are important, civil employment in the country is very low and non-governmental organizations are the go-to solution for this mess. These organizations, more often than not, require a skill instead of an academic certificate or degree.

With this, you need to acquire new skills that are needed by potential employers. These skills include;

  1. Machine learning
  2. Graphics design: UX/UI design, Video editing, Logo design etc.
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Customer support
  5. Financial management
  6. Web development and design
  7. Sentimental analysis
  8. Planning for events and parties

Above are just a few popular skills you can choose to learn. Read here for a detailed review.

So, until you figure out how to package all the skills you have learnt in school, in life and your side hustles, then you are not ready for the job market.

Competition for scarce employment will trample on you.

Experience is only acquired at a formal employer

So many entry-level job applicants and people who are trying to switch up their careers are so daunted by the 3–5-year experience required in many job descriptions.

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You may be wondering how it’s possible to have a 5-year experience and yet just graduated from college.

You see, you have to realize that experience is not only gotten from formal employment. If you, for instance, led an organization into fundraising for a certain course or were a master of ceremony in various events some time back in your life, that qualifies as job experience.

All you need to do is effectively communicate to your potential employers that you have this kind of experience.

Example 1

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So, you used to help your dad run his butchery every single day when you were 17 years old, and you would report at the end of the day how much money you had madeThis is entry-level accounting experience.

Example 2

You were the chair lady of a certain society of engineering students in college/university – You have experience in running organizations and managing teams.

Example 3

You were in charge of organizing all the events in your friend group, and your family such as birthdays or tons of events ­– You have event management experience.

From the examples given above, you can see why it’s all about how you communicate that you have experience in a certain field.

There is a lot that you can do if you know how to communicate and package your different skills effectively.


Until you learn how to implement what you have learnt in this post, the job market will certainly show you dust. Unlearn old beliefs that are not effective in the current world. Things are changing, and so should you!

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