Retirement Bucket List: 50 Activities For Your Golden Years

This retirement bucket list has 50 activities to make the most of your golden years in this beautiful East African region.

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Retirement can be an exciting new chapter filled with relaxation, recreation, and realization of dreams. With proper planning and an adventurous spirit, retirees in Kenya can create memorable experiences and have the time of their lives. This retirement bucket list has 50 activities to make the most of your golden years in this beautiful East African region.


Kenya is an ideal destination for retirement. It has a warm tropical climate, spectacular scenery and landscapes, and a relatively low cost of living. The country also has a modern healthcare system in major cities and is popular with medical tourists. With proper financial planning, retirees can live quite comfortably in Kenya.

The key is having a retirement bucket list – a list of activities and goals to accomplish during your golden years. This gives structure and purpose to your days so you don’t simply vegetate. A fulfilling retirement involves recreation, hobbies, service, learning new skills, and checking items off your bucket list.

This retirement bucket list has 50 activities specially curated for retirees in Kenya. The activities are categorized into adventure, leisure, lifestyle, giving back and self-improvement. The list has a great mix of pursuits to nourish your mind, body and soul.

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Adventure Activities

Kenya is called ‘the land of safaris’ for good reason. Its national parks and game reserves teem with wildlife and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Most retirees envision going on African safaris and admiring the majestic beauty during their golden years. The following activities can make those dreams come true.

1. Go on a Luxury Safari

A luxury safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve should be at the very top of your retirement bucket list. Experience personalized game drives, bush walks, night drives and lavish bush dinners under the stars. Stay in a comfortable tented camp with a private chef and butler. The abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery will take your breath away.

2. Try a Walking Safari

A walking safari is a unique way to experience the African bush. Without the noise and pollution of vehicles, you can immerse yourself in nature and get up close to wildlife. Accompanied by expert guides and armed rangers, walking through the bush heightens your senses and makes for lasting memories.

3. Do a Hot Air Balloon Safari

Soar over the boundless savannah in a hot air balloon and marvel at spectacular aerial views of the wildlife and landscape. Float gently over the Mara plains as the sun rises and enjoy sweeping views of river valleys, hills and grasslands. Watch the excellent wildebeest migration wind through the plains. Landing with a champagne breakfast is the perfect ending.

4. Visit a Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Retirees with a soft spot for primates must visit a chimpanzee sanctuary. At the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, you can see rescued and orphaned chimps up close in a humane environment. Hear the hoots and screams of our genetic cousins, and observe them socializing and nesting. It’s an unforgettable primate encounter.

5. Explore Hell’s Gate National Park

Adventure junkies will love Hell’s Gate National Park near Lake Naivasha. Here you can hike, rock climb, cycle, and enjoy birdwatching amidst an otherworldly landscape of volcanoes, gorges, and geothermal steam vents. Experience the park’s highlights on a full-day excursion.

6. Embark on a Northern Circuit Safari

Less crowded parks in northern Kenya like Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs offer exceptional safari experiences. Highlights include seeing rare northern specialists like the reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. The Ewaso Nyiro River draws elephants in the dry season. Night game drives are also permitted.

7. Dive or Snorkel at the Coast

The Kenya coast offers superb scuba diving and snorkelling in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The coral reefs are exploding with colourful fish and sea turtles. World-class dive sites include the Kisite and Mpunguti Marine National Parks. Have an unforgettable undersea adventure.

8. Deep Sea Fishing

The deep waters off the Kenyan coast are buzzing with sailfish, marlin, barracuda, tuna and other sport fish. Book a fishing trip departing from Mombasa or Watamu. With an experienced captain and crew, try your hand at hooking the big one while soaking up sea breezes.

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9. Trek Mount Kenya

Skip Mount Kilimanjaro and try the more scenic trek up Mount Kenya instead. Technical climbing skills are not required. Hike through moorland and alpine meadows to Point Lenana at 16,355 ft, with impressive views of glaciers and peaks. Fit retirees can tick this trek off their bucket list.

10. Mountain Bike Down Hell’s Gate

Thrill-seeking retirees should mountain bike down Hell’s Gate Gorge. Experienced guides lead you down steep ravines and along cliff edges with heart-thumping descents. The rugged scenery and immense sense of achievement upon completion will stay etched in your memory.

Leisure Activities

Retirement is the perfect time to relax and engage in leisurely pursuits like golf, fishing, birdwatching and more. Kenya has plenty of ways to rejuvenate amidst nature and indulge your passions.

11. Play Golf at Kenya’s Top Courses

Golfing enthusiasts will love teeing off at Kenya’s beautiful courses. Play at Karen Country Club’s parklands course. The lush Nyali Golf and Country Club lies alongside the Indian Ocean. Also try the scenic trails at Muthaiga Golf Club, Sigona, Vipingo Ridge and Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort.

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12. Go Deep Sea Fishing in Watamu

The fishing village of Watamu on the Kenyan coast boasts excellent deep-sea fishing for retirees. The rich reefs and coral drop-offs teem with marlin, sailfish, tuna and barracuda. Charter a boat and try your hand at landing a prize catch. Nothing beats grilled fish on the beach at sunset!

13. Relax at Diani Beach

Idyllic Diani Beach is consistently voted among Africa’s best beaches, with fine white sand and gentle surf. Spend blissful days swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, kitesurfing or simply unwinding at a restaurant. Stay at a luxury resort or beach bungalow.

14. Visit an Ostrich Farm

Ostrich farms allow you to observe these fascinating flightless birds up close. Learn about commercial ostrich farming on educational tours at Sanctuary Farm in Maasai Mara. You can also ride ostriches, get pecked during a feeding session, or eat ostrich eggs!

15. Go on a Birdwatching Safari

Kenya is a birdwatcher’s paradise with over 1100 species. Visit wildlife conservancies to see beautiful birds like crowned cranes, marabou storks, colourful bee-eaters and the legendary fish eagle. Guided birding tours take you to the best habitats during ideal sighting periods.

16. Play Croquet at Nairobi Club

Relive the colonial days with a leisurely game of croquet on the manicured lawns of the prestigious Nairobi Club. Established in 1901 for British settlers, the club has retained its vintage charm. The croquet lawn overlooks flowering gardens. Dress smartly in whites followed by afternoon tea.

17. Visit Karen Blixen’s House

Literature and movie buffs must visit Karen Blixen’s House, the farmhouse where the author wrote ‘Out of Africa’. Tour the elegantly restored rooms where she lived. Walk around the grounds and gardens to soak in the ambience and views that inspired the memoir. Have lunch at the outdoor restaurant.

18. Go Horseback Riding

Exploring Kenya’s wilderness areas on horseback is an unforgettable experience. Ride through the bush grasslands or along sandy beaches with the wind in your hair. Expert guides lead scenic trails suitable for riding novices too. Try horseback safaris to see wildlife up close.

19. Shop at Maasai Markets

The bustling Maasai markets around Nairobi sell traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Browse stalls laden with jewellery, paintings, fabrics, baskets, wood carvings and more. Watch as Maasai women adorn themselves with beads. Haggle politely for the best deals.

20. Play Bingo at Tusks Restaurant

Enjoy old-fashioned bingo nights at Tusks Restaurant in Nairobi. The fine dining restaurant has a lively buzzing atmosphere thanks to expat patrons and tourists. Have dinner while marking your bingo cards. Winners get complimentary drinks and meals.

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Lifestyle Activities

Retirees have ample time to improve lifestyle habits and try activities to enhance physical and mental well-being. Kenya offers many avenues to live your healthiest, happiest life.

21. Get a Retiree Residency Permit

Make living in Kenya easy by obtaining a retiree residence permit. This allows you to legally reside in Kenya long-term with minimal visa hassles. You need to prove a monthly income of $2500 and make a refundable deposit of $10,000. Permits are valid for 3 years.

22. Buy Property in Kenya

Owning property gives you a sense of home and community. Invest in a rental apartment along Diani Beach. Or buy a luxury villa at an exclusive golf estate like Vipingo Ridge. Gated communities provide security and amenities. Consult reputed realtors for the best deals.

23. Learn Swahili

Immerse yourself in Kenyan culture by learning Swahili, the local lingua franca. Take beginner’s lessons focusing on conversational ability. Learning phrases and interacting with locals in Swahili will make your time in Kenya a lot more meaningful.

24. Get a Personal Trainer

Maintain an active lifestyle with help from an experienced personal trainer. Many luxury residences and clubs in Nairobi provide fitness training. Or hire a private trainer experienced with mature fitness needs. Customized exercise keeps you strong and healthy.

25. Join a Country Club

Retirees can enjoy an active social life and amenities by joining a country club. Stylish clubs like Muthaiga, Windsor and Karen offer fine dining, golf, pool, gym and recreation. Socialize at dinner dances, bridge nights or jazz evenings. Meet like-minded retirees.

26. Volunteer Your Time and Skills

Retired folks have a lifetime of skills and expertise to share. Volunteer as an English teacher at disadvantaged schools. Use your management know-how to help budding social enterprises. Retired doctors can work on medical missions. Offer valuable services.

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27. Get Annual Health Check-ups

Take charge of your health by getting yearly medical check-ups at a Nairobi clinic. Comprehensive tests assess chronic conditions, screen for cancers, evaluate kidney and heart function, check mineral levels and more. Proactive monitoring improves longevity.

28. Cultivate New Hobbies

Keep the mind active and your bones strong by picking new hobbies. Take art classes, join a book club, learn a musical instrument, garden, pick up chess, start yoga, and play board games with friends. New passions prevent boredom.

29. Tour Nairobi’s Galleries and Museums

Nairobi has a vibrant arts scene and many museums covering history, culture and nature. Visit the National Archives, National Museum, Nairobi Gallery and Nairobi National Park visitor centre. Don’t miss the Karen Blixen Museum and Bomas of Kenya Cultural Centre.

30. Get a Pet

Pets provide companionship and are especially beneficial for retirees. Adopt a cat or dog from animal welfare groups like the Kenya SPCA. If pets are not practical, spend time feeding birds or squirrels in your garden or balcony. Caring for animals is therapeutic.

Giving Back Activities

Giving back provides meaning and fulfilment in retirement. Volunteering and helping worthy causes taps into retirees’ experience and compassion. Here are excellent ways to make a difference in Kenya.

31. Sponsor a Child’s Education

Sponsoring underprivileged children’s education gives them opportunities for a better life. Work with charitable organizations supporting kids from Kibera slum, rural Maasai communities and other needy areas. Your financial contributions change futures.

32. Volunteer at an Orphanage

Bring joy and assistance to orphaned and abandoned children by volunteering at shelters like Nyumbani Village. Help with donations, distributing food, teaching, childcare and improving facilities. Provide the nurturing young souls crave.

33. Go on a Medical Mission

Retired doctors and nurses can utilize their skills to provide healthcare services on medical missions across Kenya. Join an organized team from your former hospital or church group. Set up mobile clinics in rural areas lacking medical access.

34. Become a Museum Tour Guide

Become a volunteer museum guide if you love history. Following specialized training, you can conduct engaging tours at the National Museum. Share your knowledge to make the displays come alive for visitors and school groups.

35. Teach English

Help disadvantaged students get better futures by teaching them English. Join Voluntary Service Overseas or volunteer at shelters, slums and villages. Impart conversational English, vocabulary and grammar to complement school lessons.

36. Mentor Young Entrepreneurs

Share your career knowledge and network to mentor young entrepreneurs. Volunteer with groups like Young Entrepreneurs Hub to coach new startups. Guide them on business plans, marketing and overcoming challenges.

37. Visit Children’s Homes

Bring cheer to orphaned and abandoned children by visiting shelters like Nyumbani. Interact through songs, games, storytelling, art and craft sessions. Simply spending time together means a lot to these kids. Donate books, toys and games.

38. Clean Up Parks or Beaches

Join clean-up drives at polluted public parks and beaches. This promotes environmental awareness in the community. Collecting and safely disposing of trash protects wildlife and sea creatures. You get to socialize too!

39. Volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary

Animal lovers can be of great help at the many farms and wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya. At animal orphanages, you can bottle-feed young ones, clean enclosures, feed, exercise and socialize the animals. Nurture injured wildlife like lions, hyenas and zebras back to health before release.

40. Support Conservation Initiatives

Support wildlife conservation efforts across Kenya to protect endangered species. You can fund anti-poaching canine units and equipment at reserves, donate to treat injured animals or sponsor a conservation project. This ensures Kenya’s wildlife legacy lives on.

Self Improvement Activities

The freedom of retirement provides ample opportunity for learning, creative development, and pursuing passions. Kenya’s stunning natural grandeur is sure to inspire. Here are enriching ways to spend your time:

41. Write a Memoir

Record your remarkable life experiences, travel adventures, lessons learned, and family ancestry for future generations. Kenya’s tranquil settings foster creativity. Join a writer’s group for guidance. Have parts published in retirement magazines.

42. Take a Photo Safari

Unleash your inner photographer by honing your skills on a dedicated photo safari. Stay near animals for best captures. A pro photographer provides tips on composition, lighting, and optimal camera settings. Capture prize-winning images.

43. Meditate in Nature

Spend reflective time in nature to strengthen your mind-body connection. Visit meditation gardens or forest retreats. Sit on the beach listening to crashing waves. Observe your thoughts and find inner calm. Meditation has proven health benefits.

44. Go Backpacking in Kenya

Have an adventure backpacking across Kenya even if you couldn’t do it earlier in life. Stay in hostels, hike through parks, camp under the stars and meet fellow travellers. Push your boundaries and create epic memories.

45. Study a New Subject

Sate your curiosity by studying a topic you missed out on but always wanted to learn. Audit courses at local universities or take free online classes. Study astronomy, marine biology, architecture, jazz or other subjects. It’s never too late to expand your knowledge.

46. Write Your Will

Get your affairs in order by having a proper well-made, especially if relocating to Kenya during retirement. Outline how assets, property and belongings should be distributed after you pass away. Hire a lawyer so a legal will smoothens procedures for heirs.

47. Learn a New Language

Learn languages like Swahili, French or German at leisure in Kenya, where linguists abound. This engages your brain and enhances your local interactions. Practice with language apps, books, movies and conversation clubs. Being multilingual sharpens thought.

48. Take a Creative Writing Course

Enhance your creativity and writing skills by joining fiction, poetry and memoir writing classes. Inspirational settings like the Lake Elementaita Writers Retreat provide coaching for all levels. Have your work published in literary journals.

49. Grow Your Food

Gardening is rewarding and a great exercise. Grow fruits, veggies and herbs at home or in community gardens in Kenya’s favourable climate. Learn composting, irrigation and landscaping. Eating homegrown produce is satisfying.

50. Do Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Rejuvenate fully by attending yoga and meditation retreats at centres across Kenya. Detox, stretch your body with asanas, eat healthy vegetarian meals and feel inner peace. Return with improved fitness and a calmer outlook.


Kenya offers a supremely fulfilling retirement experience through its wealth of recreation, adventure, leisure and lifestyle pursuits. This retirement bucket list provides diverse suggestions so retirees can create their perfect mix.

Financial planning is crucial for a comfortable retirement in Kenya. Work with advisors to build suitable savings, investments and income streams—factor in healthcare costs, insurance, residence permits and estate planning.

With an independent spirit and passion for life, each day of your retirement in Kenya can be meaningful. Keep trying new activities and stretch your boundaries. Maintain an active social circle and continue learning. Most importantly, enjoy this phase of life

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