Branch Loan App Full Review and Application Process

If you are looking for a quick, reliable and safe way of getting a digital loan in Kenya, then the Branch loan app is the platform to go for.

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Branch Digital Banking is one of the most reliable mobile-based lending platforms in Kenya. if you are looking for a quick, reliable and safe way of getting a digital loan in Kenya, then Branch is the platform you ought to go for. Of importance to note, is that the Branch loan app not only operates in Kenya but also other countries internationally such as India etc.

Let’s dive into Branch’s important details;

Important details about the Branch app

This application was first released in Kenya on 19th March 2015 by Branch International Financial Services Limited and has been in operation ever since. The app requires an android operating system of 6.0 and up and is rated for 3+.

The app’s user experience is also good as no annoying ads are displayed within the application.

Further, Branch is a microfinance bank that offers affordable loans to small-scale entrepreneurs and an option to save at competitive interest rates. You will learn about this later on in the article.

Here is an organized list of more important details about the branch app;

Access ApplicationGoogle Playstore
Playstore Rating4.4/5.0
Download Size10 MB
Required OSAndroid 6.0 upwards
Email[email protected]
Offered ByBranch International Financial Services Limited
USSD CodeNone
Service fee0%
Loan limit (KES)500 – 300,000
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)20% to 211%
Repayment window62 – 365 days
Additional chargesDefaulters’ penalty
Age Limit18 years
Minimum Requirements National ID
Repayment Method Within the application

How to apply for a Branch loan on your phone

  1. Download and install the Branch Mobile app from the Google Playstore.
  2. Select your preferred language and proceed to register.
  3. Select your country, i.e., Kenya and register with either Facebook or your phone number (recommended).
  4. Enter your phone number and request a code that will be used to validate your application.
  5. Create a branch pin and continue with the ‘get started’ button.
  6. Navigate to the loans section and start your loan application process.
  7. Notice of terms, conditions and privacy policies will appear on your screen. Click ‘Allow Access & Consent’ and continue.
  8. The Branch loan app will need to access a few permissions i.e., location, SMS messages etc. Allow all and proceed.
  9. Fill in all details that are required as accurately as possible. You will also be required to capture a clear selfie and upload it.
  10. You will then be directed to the Branch loan’s dashboard. Select your principal amount and proceed.
  11. You will be required to choose between a 31- or 62-day repayment period.
  12. When you are done with this, click ‘Apply’
  13. Your loan will be deposited INSTANTLY upon approval.

How do you save money with Branch?

The branch app is not only a digital lender but also offers savings options to its clients at competitive rates. Here is how to quickly set up your savings account.

  1. Navigate to the home dashboard and add funds. Enter your preferred amount.
  2. Select your funding source i.e., M-Pesa Direct Top-Up or M-Pesa Transfer.
  3. Once done, navigate to the Savings section in the Branch loan app.
  4. You will be required to upload your selfie and National ID image.
  5. After a few minutes of processing and validating your info, head back to the Savings dashboard and select your savings option.
  6. For this tutorial, we’ll work with Flexi Savings.
  7. Select Flexi Savings and enter your savings amount.
  8. Select a funding source and continue.
  9. Get approved and start saving at competitive interests.

What are people saying about the Branch app on Google Playstore?

Positive reviews

Rating of 3.0/5.0 – “Branch has been my best app. It has always been reliable and an app I can count on. Today I needed finance and I was sure I have a limit on my account. I tried to access the limit that was allocated to me, but the transaction didn’t go through. The feedback was I can’t access loans at the moment. I had banked all my hopes there. Please review and award my limit back I sort an emergency.”

Rating of 5.0/5.0 – “It’s professional and one of 2 loan apps that truly give peace of mind and the interest rates extremely humane. Very reliable app to use for payments and transfers; goes instantly. Gives good investment returns. Thanks, Branch. Will recommend it to anyone, any day, any time.”

Rating of 5.0/5.0 – “Very wonderful experience using this app, not just for loan purposes but also, for paying bills, subscription and transfer service. This is the best loan app and I highly recommend it to everyone. The services are just perfect. Thanks, Branch. If other loan apps were like you, people won’t be defaulting. Thanks once again”

Negative reviews

Rating of 1.0/5.0 – “Stupid app. I was using the app for a long time and I paid the repayment amount on time. I never delayed the payment. But still, the app showing. Please apply for 180 days. I don’t know how it works. Very bad. Dear team. I am already asked your team about the app chat option. When I was making the payment was updated. Now the new amount showing. Please check and resolve the issue. 180 days to much longer.”

Rating of 1.0/5.0 – “This is a most pathetic application. They offer very low amounts on very high processing fees and high interest. I don’t recommend this app to anyone. Also, customer care is very reluctant. This application doesn’t want genuine clients because they will pay on time and the application will have to offer larger loans. Don’t trust them or you will find yourself in a problem. Also, they will keep you calling even after you repay your loan.”

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