Patron Loan App Download, Application & Full Review

Are you looking for a quick soft loan without any attachments? Here is a review of the Patron loan App, a good choice for you.

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Are you curious about the reliability of the Patron loan app? Well, no need to worry, because in this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into a comprehensive assessment of this innovative mobile lending platform.

We’ll uncover its advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, provide you with a detailed guide on how to secure an instant loan and quickly boost your borrowing capacity within a short span of days. So, if you’ve been wondering whether Patron is the right choice for your financial needs, you’re in the right place!

Stay with me till the end;

Discover the must-know facts about the Patron loan app!

Introducing the Patron loan app, a fresh and lively player in the world of mobile loans. It’s different from other apps like Tala and Zenka, which you can find on the Google Play Store.

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Patron made its entrance on a special day, June  23, 2021. Since then, it has been regularly updated, the latest update was on August 21, 2023, getting better each time.

Impressively, Patron has been downloaded over 100,000 times, solely from the Google Play Store, at the time of this publication.

Patron works well on many types of Android devices, as long as they’re using version 5.0 or higher. The app makes sure to check everything carefully, so there’s nothing inappropriate, making it a safe and trusted choice.

Here’s a neat and organized table loaded with all the important info you need to know as you get started.

Access applicationGoogle playstore
Playstore rating4.0/5.0
Download size10mb
Required osAndroid 5.0 and upwards
Loan limit(kes) Ksh.200 – Ksh.10,000
Loan term91-360days
Updated onAug 21,2023
Minimum requirementsKenyan ID
Offered byPatron Cash Limited

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The application process for the Patron loan app

  1. Download and install the Patron mobile  loan app from the Google playstore
  2. Patron loan app will need access to a few permissions to allow all and proceed to the next window.
  3. You will then be required to enter your phone number enter the phone number click that you have confirmed read the privacy policy and request a verification code which you will receive through SMS then proceed.
  4. Create your PIN and then confirm it.
  5. The patron will need to collect, process and store your information click on agree then continue.
  6. Fill in your registration, personal and contact details accurately. This information will be used to determine your approval. Click Submit
  7. Apply for your loan depending on the loan limit you have received.
  8. Once approved, your loan will be instantly deposited into your account, providing immediate access to the funds you require.

I have compiled a range of opinions from users who’ve shared their experiences with the Patron loan app on the Google Play Store.

User Reviews

Positive reviews

They are one of the best apps in Kenya trust me am neither endorsing them nor affiliated with them in any way. I took loans from several apps and with their flexibility  time they are second only to Branch whose interest is fixed.”

5/5 user rating 1

Very nice application At first I thought it was like the other loan app but it’s totally different it’s easy to apply. The form is simple and you get accredited immediately. Thank you so much.”

5/5 user rating 2

Negative reviews

The app has unpredictability I paid my loan on time then my second application was rejected why do so? I think that’s unreliable in my opinion.”

2/5 user rating 1
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