How to Get Rich in Kenya

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A certain Douglas Kruger explained that the world is so fanatically hung up on teaching kids how to become good employees, yet time and again, the economically wealthy have explained that no job will ever make or get you rich in Kenya.

The security that a job offers is far more enticing than leaping into the risky business world, which may turn out sour if one does not make well-calculated steps. Many human beings would therefore rather sit back and work their hands off to a meagre salary every end month.

This situation has since changed, and with the high numbers of unemployment, you could easily get fired and the job offered to another person. Job security is no longer something that people can depend on.

This cycle of life is prevalent on the entire planet and no one seems to learn from the rich. No one seems to understand that the wealthy are their bosses and that this special group of people made a decision and decided to work on it, achieved their goals and are now leading millions of other people, and paying these people peanuts.

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Well of course, there can never be equality on the entire planet, and that is why there are more poor people than rich people. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor is also tremendously difficult because the rich don’t want any richer people. These guys are selfish and it is understandable.

In the economic food chain, stability is ensured by the fact that there is always someone who will need employment, and there will be an employer, who will provide opportunities to all these jobless chaps, and in the process, get richer. In a situation where everyone is rich, no one will need employment, and thus the employer will suffer.

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I refuse to be part of the employee group as this fate is like a life sentence to the Kamiti Maximum Prison. The only way of rescuing yourself is by breaking out of the prison, and ensuring that you’ve successfully broken your shackles of doom. Keep in mind that prison wardens (poverty) will keep coming for you, until you are completely successful.

You should understand that employment is not an entirely bad thing per se. Employment gives you a platform to build your skills and confidence, which should act as a catapult into the entrepreneurial world. There is no guarantee that the decision you are making will be good for your future though.

Before making hasty decisions, assess whether the risk-to-reward ratio is reasonable. For instance, you can’t risk Ksh.1,000 for a possible Ksh.1,500. On the other hand, investing the same for a possible return of Ksh.3,500 is worth it. The corporate world is a harsh one and requires the boldness of heart. That is why billionaires are so few in the country.

Some may say that you have to be a Kenyan politician so that you can have a chance to pocket national funds and get rich. Despite this theory being verified by many, it does not mean that other methods of entrepreneurship won’t work. Many have used the right channels to make a living and they have turned out to be better than these politicians.

From my point of view, I stand with the thought that all campus students should start thinking about their future as early as the first day of campus admission and that they should ensure that they make yearly progress.

Proper documentation of progress should be done, to prevent time wastage.

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