How to Apply and Be Accepted as an Uber or Bolt Taxi Driver

Uber and Bolt Platforms

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  • You may earn more in Bolt as compared to Uber.
  • What you earn is directly proportional to the energy you put in your work.
  • Focus on maintaining a driver score of above 90
  • Make sure your acceptance rate is above 80

Uber and bolt are online platforms that connect drivers and riders conveniently. In these apps, riders don’t have to go out looking for transport and drivers don’t need to waste time convincing their prospective clients that their ride is the best option. These platforms utilize GPS and artificial intelligence to link up good drivers and riders. If you are a driver looking to join either uber or bolt, this guide will take you through the entire process of how to apply and be accepted as an uber or bolt taxi driver.

Important information to remember

Uber and Bolt keep records and statistics of how you perform as a driver. Therefore, you have to provide the best service to your clients so that they may give you good ratings in the customer review section.

What documents are required to apply for uber or bolt?

There are two types of documents that you need to upload in either platform mentioned above; personal/driver documents and car documents.

Personal/driver documents you need;

  • National ID card – you need to be 21 years to be accepted as a driver in Bolt and 24 years to be accepted by Uber.
  • A valid certificate of good conduct that is renewable yearly. This certificate is acquired from the police. Talk to the area chief for guidance on how to get these documents.
  • A regular driving license – This license, however, must be taxi-driver approved, meaning that it must belong to the category B-Professional.
  • Taxi driver badge – you will get this badge from the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) for a fee of KES1,050. This badge will not be validated without a certificate of good conduct.

Car Requirements;

  • You need a car that is in good condition.
  • A clear photo showing the front, side and number plate of the car.
  • A logbook of the car whose image and number plate you uploaded.
  • NTSA inspection certificate – You will need to take the car to any NTSA inspection centres near you. This will cost you KES1,050 annually.
  • Valid insurance, either comprehensive or third-party.
  • Uber inspection certificate – once you are inspected by government agencies, uber sends you for more inspection at Auto-express.

From the requirements above, it’s noteworthy that Uber has more stringent rules as compared to Bolt and other platforms such as Little Cab. This is because they strive to be the best in the competition.

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Driver score and acceptance rate

If you wonder why drivers almost never cancel trips, driver score and acceptance rate are the main reasons. These two statistical figures determine how much a driver makes and whether he/she will get any clients in future.

What is the acceptance rate in uber or bolt?

This is the percentage of trips you accept. Having a high acceptance rate will allow you to receive more trip tasks, beating competition from other low acceptance rate drivers. This acceptance rate should never go below 50%, as your driver account may be terminated.

What is the driver score in uber or bolt?

This comes after the acceptance rate. Whatever you do after accepting a ride request by a client influences your driver score. Below are the main factors that affect your driver score negatively;

  1. Low acceptance rate.
  2. A negative review by the client.
  3. Client cancelling trip after you accept the trip.
  4. Cancelling the trip, yourself.

Driver score should always be above 80%. Anything below this will subject your account to temporary suspension and you will be required to take an online course related to being a taxi driver.

How much money can you make as a full-time uber driver?

The Uber and Bolt platforms reset earnings every 24 hours so that you can monitor how much you make on a daily basis.

An average full-time bolt driver in Nairobi will earn a gross of up to KES4,000 per day. After the commission paid to the platforms, the net earnings drop to around KES3,500. Earnings depend on how many rides you take per day. On a monthly basis, drivers earn between KES40,000-KES120,000. This earning range applies to one car. Therefore, having several cars enrolled in the platforms will yield more returns.

Statistics reveal that uber drivers earn a little less than bolt drivers in Nairobi.


There is nothing stopping you from earning around KES100,000 per month by working as a full-time taxi driver. Follow the instructions above, apply and be a successful uber or bolt driver.

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