Worldcoin Registration Centers in Kenya; Where to Find Orbs

Here is a list of locations where you will find Worldcoin orb registration centers in Kenya, with details of how to register for an account.

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Worldcoin, the new cryptocurrency in town is causing a massive wave of exhilaration amongst Kenyans, especially due to the fact that there is free money involved.

Sam Altman, the co-founder of Worldcoin and CEO of OpenAI partnered with theoretical physics student Alex Blania and Max Novendstern, a former investment associate at Bridgewater Associates. His goal? A global cryptocurrency, with an identity system that utilized iris scans for verification.

Days after the launch of the coin, Worldcoin orbs were shipped to Kenya, and 34 other cities/countries.

In Kenya, a few locations were lucky to receive the orbs for registration.

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Worldcoin Orb Registration Centers in Kenya

Here is the list of the main locations where you will find orb registration centres for Worldcoin:

  1. Sarit Centre
  2. Imaara Shopping Mall
  3. Garden City Mall
  4. Signature Mall
  5. The Nextgen Mall
  6. Greenspan Mall
  7. Imaara Mall
  8. Maasai Mall
  9. The Hub Karen
  10. Unicity Mall
  11. Spur Mall
  12. Crystal Rivers Mall (Athi River)
  13. Southfield Mall
  14. Camp Toyoyo Stadium

Important to note, is that the agents with the Orb devices for Worldcoin registration may be moving from county to county and therefore, being an early bird may increase your chances of being registered for the cryptocurrency.

What data is collected when you register for Worldcoin?

According to, the only personal information needed is your iris scan, which is immediately converted to code and the iris image deleted.
To be specific, here is what Worldcoin’s terms and conditions page states:

No personal data must be shared for a user to download the World App.

Individuals who want to receive a World ID are not required to share their name, phone number, email address, or home address. Images collected by the Orb are used to generate a unique iris code.

By default these images are immediately deleted once the iris code is created, unless the user opts into Data Custody. Opting into Data Custody will decrease the probability and frequency of the user’s need to reverify their World ID as the iris code algorithms change.

The World ID sign-up process is only intended to verify an individual’s uniqueness – i.e., that they have not previously signed up and received a World ID.

Worldcoin users may choose to share additional data, but this is never required. As an example, a user may provide their email address to sign up for the Worldcoin newsletter.

Importantly, the Worldcoin Foundation and its initial contributor Tools for Humanity do not, and never will, sell anyone’s personal data, including biometric data. 

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Should you trust Worldcoin’s terms and conditions?

As much as OpenAI CEO seems to be trustworthy, it’s pertinent that all Kenyans stay vigilant with their personal data, in this case, iris biometric data. There is no guarantee that your data will not be misappropriated.

How much will you earn after registering for Worldcoin in Kenya?

After successfully registration, you will receive an airdrop of tokens as described below:

  • One-time bonus: 25 WLD tokens, worth around KES7,786
  • Weekly grant: 25 WLD tokens, worth around KES 435 each.

How can you convert Worldcoin tokens to Kenya Shillings?

  1. Create a Binance account and verify your identity.
  2. Deposit your Worldcoin tokens into your Binance account, via the Optimism wallet that you will access in Binance.
  3. To access the Optimism wallet, navigate to the wallets, click on “Deposit” and then proceed to search “WLD”. Select it and choose the optimism wallet. Copy the address.
  4. Go back to your Worldcoin account and paste the address in the send to wallet address option. Make sure to select Optimism in the app too.
  5. Your tokens will be deposited in your Binance account in seconds.
  6. Go to the “Markets” page and search for “WLD/USDT”.
  7. Set a sell order for your WLD tokens.
  8. Once your order is filled, you will receive USDT in your Binance account.
  9. Navigate to P2P and select “Sell” and choose USDT as the cryptocurrency you want to sell.
  10. Select KES as the fiat currency you want to receive and select a payment method.
  11. Enter the amount of USDT you want to sell.
  12. Review the order details and click “Sell”.
  13. Wait for the buyer to make the payment to your M-Pesa or Bank Account.
  14. Release the coins after confirming payment.

For more information, visit here.

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