Why IEBC’s Julianna Cherera Should Resit Her KCSE Mathematics Exam

Simple Mathematics...What Went Wrong?

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  • Julianna Cherera and her three colleagues wished to distance themselves from the election results.
  • They said this in a press briefing in Serena Hotel

Aah yes! I’m here to confirm what you have been thinking. How how the h*ll did they come to the conclusion that 0.01% of the total votes tallied was equivalent to 142,000? Does this look like a simple mistake?

According to Cherera Julianna;

“We therefore decline to take ownership of the said results because the aggregation resulted in a total exceeding the percentage of 100 which cast doubt on the accuracy of the source of the figures tallied and when we demanded that we verify our record, the chairman declined, overruled us and insisted on declaring and announcing the said result,” said Cherera.

Mathematics Basics Analysis

I say this without any political affiliation. It’s matter of pure logic here.

Julianna Cherera’s mathematics is wrong on all levels. There is no explanation as to why she would state that 0.01% of the total votes tallied equaled 142,000 votes. 

From simple mathematics, lets deduce…
100% = 14,200,000 votes
10% = 1,420,000 votes
1% = 142,000 votes
0.1% = 14,200 votes
0.01% = 1420 votes
0.001% = 142 votes

From the basic arithmetic above, one can only imagine that Julianna Cherera and her 3 counterparts did not invest their time into making their statement factual.

Irregardless of whether their statement is true or not, they ought to avoid simple mistakes.

One may wonder if the entire ‘opaque’-branded story was state-scripted.

How did they come up with their values?

Carefull analysis of the calculation revealed that Cherera and her team directly multiplied 14.2M votes with 0.01, without factoring in the ‘%’ sign. Therefore, 14,200,000 x 0.01 = 142,000.

I am not a lawyer, but I believe that lack of accountability and making errors in simple calculations may make the judiciary question the capacity to hold positions as IEBC commissioners.

This might be the death of a case that has not yet started in court.

I Stand Corrected!

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