“Who Will Marry Charity Ngilu?” Ruto In Trouble For This Question

Ruto was in a campaign trail in Kitui County where he made his remarks on Charity Ngilu.

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  • Ruto on the receiving end after calling Charity Ngilu 'unmarriageable'.
  • Ngilu's husband died back in 2006.
  • KOT angry at the Deputy President.

DP William Ruto has yet again ignited harsh comments from critics all over Kenya after he allegedly branded Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu unmarriageable. His statement was made on July 19th 2022, when he was in a campaign tour in the mentioned County.

As reported by Sharon Mwende of ‘The Star’, Ruto’s campaign trail was not met kindly, especially by Azimio la Umoja supporters.

Governor Charity Ngilu is an avid supporter of Raila and his Azimio la Umoja bandwagon, and it is for this reason that the DP made his remarks, that were considered rather insensitive.

How did it start?

DP Ruto veered off his speech and began questioning Ngilu’s marriageability. The DP asked the Kitui Residents where their governor was, and one of the attendants replied that she had gone off to get married in Bondo. It was then that Ruto asked the crowd whether Ngilu was in a position to get married.

Kwani mama mzee hivi anaweza kuolewa? Ataolewa na nani? (Can an old lady get married really? Who will marry her?)

DP William Ruto

His statement in the campaign trail elicited harsh responses, especially from KOT (Kenyans on Twitter), with some saying that the DP was really insensitive. A tweep randomly stated that Charity Ngilu’s husband died in 2006 while undergoing treatment in South Africa (Unverified information). The now diseased Engineer Michael Mwendwa Ngilu, had been battling his ailment for over 10 years till he succumbed to the disease on 1st July.

Ruto’s reply?

DP William Ruto is yet to make a public statement clarifying on what he said. Meanwhile, angry Kenyans are throwing tantrums both online and offline on the matter. Charity Ngilu on the other hand has also maintained her silence on the matter. Many Kenyans are anticipating a reply following the ‘unmarriageable’ sentiment by DP Ruto.

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