We Need Jesus In Parliament, Statistics Reveal

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We need Jesus in parliament. A major exorcism that can only be carried out by the high diety is what can help Kenya, according to a political analyst (name withheld). Wanjiku has been suffering for a long time and it will not get any easier.

Quick statistics

Did you know that approximately half of all the leaders elected into the government are wash-washers? These leaders have set up two or more schemes that have defrauded several Kenyans millions of moneys. This is how they get their initial campaign money. After getting elected, government tenders become the main source of income, where half the money given for tender ends up in a politician’s private account.

Don’t be surprised

I once asked a friend about his thoughts on political-cum-economic the situation in Kenya, and what he would do to salvage the situation, if he was a leader.

“Let me tell you Maina. You see, you have to love yourself, and in this political game, self interest comes before any other interest,” said my friend. “If I was a governor, for example, I would ensure that I loot as much as possible, and when I get satisfied, spare some few coins for development. This will blindfold citizens into voting me in again for a second term”

His viewpoint didn’t shock me as deep down, everyone knows that they are capable of being greedy and it is self-control that distinguishes a true leader from a gluttonous pig.

Examine yourself

All humans, who have had proper mental development, have the same organization of neural circuits, and it is therefore safe to assume that to a certain level, the human nature is constant. All minds almost think alike (I stand corrected). Therefore, even if a leader is righteous there is a very good likelihood that he/she will turn rogue as soon as the money starts trickling into their bank accounts.

Take for instance, Mohammed Ali, the infamous Jicho Pevu news journalist. Before joining politics, he was deeply devoted into exposing rogue politicians and corrupt Kenyan citizens. The man risked his own life for the benefit of the entire nation. No sooner had he land a seat as the Nyali Constituency member of parliament, than corruption allegations started piling up. He was once accused of defrauding a woman in Nairobi off real estate.

Do we have a solution? This is a long shot

Recall the story of Jesus in the temple, overturning tables and turning all trades upside-down? That is exactly what we need.

In the government, we need an occasional ‘Jesus’ that will stop all corruption and restore the state back to normal.

In the government, we need an occasional Matiangi that will make sure that all rogue politicians are either kicked out of office or are straightened back into line. This is the only way, lest Kenya risks falling into a politico-economic abyss that injure our living standards.

If you haven’t noticed, the Kenyan shilling has weakened, against the USD. As per the time this article was published, one dollar equaled to Ksh.116.2 buying price. Kenya may be heading in a direction similar to that of Sri Lanka, but there may me a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

But who knows how long the tunnel is?

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