Wajackoyah’s Look-alike Pulls Crowd At Kasarani Stadium

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Mr. Gordon Owino COURTESY
  • Gordon Owino is a bodaboda operator.
  • He takes after presidential hopeful George Wajackoyah

Gordon Owino, a boda boda operator in Nairobi pulled quite a large mass of fans as they chanted the name ‘Wajackoyah’. The roots party lookalike was ironically attending an Azimio rally at Kasarani stadium where he pulled his fans. This all began after he alighted from a bodaboda outside the stadium.

The man was draped in his usual durag, sunglasses and beard shaped into Wajackoyah-style. This is what made him a celebrity in the first place. The man strikingly resembles Prof. George Wajackoyah. As a matter of fact, several people hardly tell the two apart.

As Mr. Owino progressed into the stadium, the crowd grew even larger, as people wanted to take photos with the new celebrity. Several other individuals appointed themselves as his bodyguard as the procession made into the stadium for the rally.

As he attempted to mind his business, more youth came to him holding and hugging him while still shouting Wajackoyah’s name.

Owino shot into limelight after photos of him emerged on social media, showing an uncanny resemblance to the presidential hopeful.

Mr. George Wajackoyah previously met with the lookalike and gifted him an ‘expensive watch’ and a sum of money. The man Gordon has not shown any interest in Joining politics however.

George Wajackoyah Vs Gordon Owino Respectively

George Wajackoyah is among the 4 candidates aspiring for presidency in August 9th, the rest being Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja, William Ruto of Kenya Kwanza One Kenya Alliance and David Mwaure of Agano Party.

Less than a week to the general election, it is quite difficult to predict who will be the next commander in chief of the armed forces of Kenya. Previous polls have shown that Raila and Ruto are the top contenders of the seat, followed by George Wajackoyah and finally David Mwaure.

Don’t bleed for them to lead!

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