Uhuru Kenyatta, A True Statesman, Amidst Corruption In Kenya

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Uhuru Kenyatta is leaving his office after his preferred candidate terribly lost the elections to William Ruto, who at the time of this publication, is the president elect of the Republic of Kenya. However, despite the damaged reputation of the 4th President of Kenya, he stands out internationally as a true statesman, being a better leader than any other, in East Africa.

This, among many other attributes were made on a UK news post, that described how Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Jomo Kenyata (first president of Kenya) has used his country’s relative stability to win favor overseas.

According to Newstatesman publisher, Uhuru Kenyatta has proven to be a formidable leader and has forged strong relationships with the leaders of the west.

Important to note is that the outgoing president has managed to be better than Ethiopia, which had previously risen above Kenya in the eyes of international observers.

Kenyatta’s reputation is regarded as sparkling despite corruption and extrajudicial killings prevailing in the country.

A petition signed more then 230,000 Kenyans asked the International Monetary Fund not to grant the country a $2.34bn Covid-19 recovery fund, as it would only end up in the pockets of greedy.

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Despite the praises by international observers, it is important to note that Kenya’s debt to other nations has more than tripled within a decade under his rule due to, in part, corruption.

The President elect, William Ruto, has always been branded the King of corruption, but in some way managed to convince 50.49% of Kenyan voters to select him as president.

According to the post by the British news agency, a petition signed more then 230,000 kenyans asked the international Monetary Fund not to grant the country a $2.34bn Covid-19 recovery fund, as it would only end up in the pockets of greedy, corrupt politicians, rather than do the work it is purposed for. Kenyans claimed, as reported, that the funds would be lost to graft. Perhaps this is the most important part of this article.

Despite this, Uhuru Kenyatta has managed to maintain Kenya, the largest economy in Eastern Africa, relatively stable.

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