“Uhuru Did Not Fight Corruption, But Martha Will!” Says Prof. Gitile Naituli

Uhuru picked Martha Karua to fight corruption in the country, because he failed to deliver a corrupt-free country

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Professor of Management and Leadership at Multimedia University of Kenya, Mr. Gitile Naituli, this morning said that Uhuru could not deal with corruption but Martha Karua will. The man made his sentiments in a TV political discussion hosted by NTV-Kenya.

Prof. Gitile Speaks

Prof. Gitile Naitule was accompanied by Mr. Dennis Nthumbi and James Mamboleo, in a heated debate that was meant to debunk Kenyan politics.

In the discussion, Prof. Gitile disagreed with Mr. James Mamboleo stating that it was Uhuru’s job to deal with corruption. He stated that Uhuru Kenyatta, should have dealt with corruption since 2013, when he first assumed the presidential office.

James Mamboleo’s Argument

This explanation was given soon after Mr. James Mamboleo explained that Uhuru couldn’t deal with corrupt individuals because if he did, it would bring down the entire government, and that would leave the president with no one to work with.

Prof. Gitile expounded by stating that Uhuru picked Martha Karua to fight corruption in the country, because he failed to deliver. He said that Martha Karua will jail anyone involved in corruption and that she is not afraid to deal with any scandalous individual.

He recalled Martha Karua walking out of Moi’s government after refusing to engage in corrupt deals.

Dennis Nthumbi POV

Mr. Dennis Nthumbi, who was hosted by KTN news the previous day, stated that Azimio is a state project, made for the benefit of Uhuru Kenyatta and his family. He explained that there is no way Raila and his Azimio team will take out Uhuru or any of his friends and relatives from corrupt deals.

He further explained stating that following an exposé by NTV-Kenya, it was revealed that Covid-19 millionaires were all just friends and relatives of Uhuru Kenyatta and that’s why no stable legal action has taken place.

In other news, political heads are asking why Ruto was never apprehended despite being mentioned as the chief perpetrator of the Aror-Kimwarer dam scandal.

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