Troubles of Education Science Students In Kenyan Universities

Hold Up! Is Education Science A Smooth Ride?

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  • Despite many form 4 leavers applying for the course, most don't understand what the course requires.
  • Education Science has its own share of problems.
  • Long theoretical lectures and intensive practical sessions.

Education is the backbone of any nation. Through education, countries of the world can utilize their resources so that they can develop politically, economically, and socially. There is, therefore, need for teacher education both at primary and secondary school levels. Education Science has been identified to be one of the most fulfilling courses which lead to a successful career in teaching Secondary schools and Middle-level colleges in Kenya.

Opportunities are endless when you study Education Science Course in college or university. You will also have the opportunity to impact young lives with knowledge and skills through science content.

The training of teachers helps to improve the quality of education not only in a country but also globally.  Time spent at the university, studying the course is also full of fond memories and joyful experiences for many. However, many challenges are faced by those who take Education Science as a course and profession.

This article discusses the challenges that are faced by students who take the Education Science course so that you can adequately get prepared.

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Less qualified teacher educators

A number of teacher training colleges have less qualified teacher educators who will train future teachers. Trained professionals are needed at college and university levels to take students through the Education Science Course. This will fulfil the government’s vision of having sustainable and successful teacher- training programs.

Online classes

Education Science is a course that entails practical laboratory sessions and face-to-face classes. The content being given to students is engaging and requires in-depth understanding through the lecturers’ and students’ body language and voice; hence need for physical classes.

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The introduction of online classes in most higher learning institutions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic has however made this impossible. Science students have been affected the most. Some teacher trainers are not conversant with online platforms of learning thus making it difficult for them to teach science subjects like Mathematics. Students are also disadvantaged since they hardly attend their practical lessons.

Effective Studying skills

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A big part of being an Education Science student is learning how to study effectively. Of course exams and Continuous Assessment Tests have to be passed so that you can proceed to the next level. This entails that you come up with your best studying style, find a suitable place to study and even get a study partner or group. All these techniques can be stressful if you have not planned yourself well. In the end, some science students end up failing and re-doing units.

Out-dated Curriculum

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The curriculum is often outdated and therefore what trainees learn in college and university may not align with the current trends in education. It also takes long for the government to completely update trainees with the new developments in the teaching profession, thus posing a challenge to the quality of education being offered in institutions.

Opportunities are endless when you study Education Science Course in college or university.

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