“Sonko Is A Better Leader Than Raila Odinga,” Says Dennis Nthumbi

Mr. Dennis Nthumbi made several controversial sentiments on live TV.

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  • Nthumbi is a political analyst.
  • He said that Sonko has a better track record than Raila Odinga

If you have been following Kenyan politics, or at least been on twitter, you may have noticed that Dennis Nthumbi, a Kenyan Political Strategy Consultant, is trending. About five hours from this publication, the political analyst made several remarks about the state of the nation, that many regard as controversial. We leave that to you to decide.

Mr. Nthumbi was hosted in KTN news channel, where he explained why Azimio La Umoja is the wrong choice for Kenyans, among many other remarks.

Below is a list of his top statements in the political news discussion.

1. Sonko is a better fit than Raila Odinga

Mr. Dennis Nthumbi stated that Raila’s academic background is not clearly understood, despite appearing in the 2022 ballot gazette, released by IEBC in the second week of July, 2022.

He further explained that Sonko was a better leader as compared to Raila, saying that Mike Sonko did more for Nairobi County than Raila Odinga did for Kibra, in their 5-year tenure.

For the reasons stated above, he reaffirmed his stand that Raila is not fit to run for presidency.

He stated that the Kenyan political system is skewed such that one political candidate can fail to have good track records of both academic background and leadership, but still get approved for leadership, whereas another will struggle to get into power.

He reinforced his point of view by noting that Ekuru Aukot marched up to court to demand answers as to why politics is so unfair in Kenya.

2. Impeached leaders should not be allowed back to leadership

The political analyst continued by saying that when a leader shows that he is not capable of running or leading, he/she should be impeached and not allowed to run for leadership of any kind.

A corrupt leader should not be allowed to pursue leadership again. It is subtle madnes!

Dennis Nthumbi

The analyst explained that the infrastructure of chapter 6 of the constitution should be entrenched, as it allows impeached leaders to pursue leadership again.

From recent events, Mike Sonko, though impeached from his Nairobi Gubernatorial Seat, got reapproved to run for Mombasa’s top job, but his approval got thrown out by the Supreme court.

3. Nairobi is no-longer democratic

The man Dennis continued to say that Nairobi lost its democracy the day the National Metropolitan Service (NMS) was introduced in the county. He stated that residents of the city were not involved in decision making and that the city was run like a ‘monarchy’.

He stated that the city needs a more decentralised leadership so that the county could make stable progress, and uphold democracy.

After Sonko got impeached, the NMS, led by Major General Mohammed Badi, took over the fulminant role of the governor. The city has been under that leadership since 2021, to the day of this publication.

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