10 Small Business Ideas in Kenya That Actually Work

This article will therefore take you through ten of the most profitable small businesses in Kenya that work.  

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Are you looking to start a small business in Kenya, instead of being held down by the monotonous life of being employed? People have become more creative in starting small businesses that solve daily life problems and out of this, are making a lot of income from the ventures they start. This article will therefore take you through ten of the most profitable small business ideas in Kenya that work.  

Keep the focus to discover various small busin­­ess ideas in Kenya that you should consider! 

10 Small Business Ideas in Kenya That Work

Here is the list of businesses you can dive into.

1. Hairdressing 

Hairdressers specialize in cutting, styling, and colouring hair. They work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, and barbershops. This business is quite lucrative in Kenya because of the many women who want to look pretty and presentable.

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To start this kind of business, you’ll need to start a beauty salon/spa where you can offer your services. If you lack the necessary amount of capital, doing this business from home could also work out for you. For more info on how to start this business, read here.

2. Professional makeup 

Professional makeup businesses go hand in hand with hairdressing and salon businesses. Since Kenya is steadily getting modernized, this business is also growing in direct proportion.

You may be asking yourself; “As a professional makeup artist, where can I offer my services in exchange for money?”

Well, in Kenya, there are many earning opportunities from this line of business. These include the following:

  • Fashion shows – These are quite common in Kenya, and makeup professionals are the most sorted out.
  • Weddings – Brides love everything in their weddings to be perfect. What better way to satisfy their wants other than delivering perfect makeup services?
  • Photo shoots – When people make memories, they want to look great and feel confident. This is where you come in.
  • TV and film productions – Actors, actresses, journalists etc., all need a good look before presenting themselves to the digital audience.
  • Beauty salons and spas

3. Interior Design

Interior design is a business niche that thrives with someone who has the creativity, skills and knowledge that is required to design a beautiful but functional space. To start such a business, you will need to invest in a website that will showcase your portfolio. This is assuming that you already have all the necessary skills needed for this kind of business niche. If not, you will have to look for an online course, YouTube or a physical attendance class to get trained in interior design.

Nevertheless, after designing a web portfolio showcasing your expertise, remember to choose a memorable and catchy name for the business. Further, acquire the necessary licenses, set reasonable rates for your services and market your business appropriately.

➡ Where can you sell your interior design services in Kenya?

  • Homeowners
  • Businesses that may be looking to create a more inviting and productive workspace for their employees, or clients.
  • Government agencies often need interior design services for their offices, schools, and other public buildings.
  • Non-profit organizations

4. Electronics Repair 

Having an electronics repair shop is also very profitable, seeing everyone has an electronic device that is prone to damage. Setting yourself as an expert in this business niche will attract the right amount of traffic that you will convert to income and consequently, profit.

5. Tutoring 

Africa is embracing education and with it, comes a need for private tutelage for students who want to improve their grades.

This service is especially sought by high school students or their parents who want a good performance in KCSE.

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Therefore, if you are a teacher or have a lot of information about a particular topic, being a tutor could be the next big thing for you.

N addition, if you choose to offer international services online, platforms such as Coursera, Study-Pool etc., offer you an international audience that is ready to learn. Note, however, that these jobs are particularly hard to get.   

6. Gardening & Lawn Care 

Believe it or not, gardening and lawn care is an emerging business niche in the country and it is more lucrative than ever. This is due to the advent of machines that make the work easier as compared to traditional tools like slashers and pangas.  

To run a gardening and lawn care business, here is a brief list of modern tools you will find useful:

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  • Lawn Mower
  • String Trimmer (Weed Eater)
  • Rake (Leaf and Garden)
  • Shovel and Spade
  • Pruning Saw
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Pruning Shears and Loppers
  • Garden Fork
  • Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow
  • Garden Stool
  • Mulching Mower
  • Edgers
  • Garden Gloves etc.

7. Social media management 

Social media managers are earning big in this modern world that is compared to a village due to the social media platforms that connect people from different corners of the earth. With this, comes a need to get social media managers who will plan on microblogging posts, optimize social media handles and increase online account engagement.

This business niche is particularly lucrative because there are very few social media managers, and therefore, their services remain valuable.

8. Marketing Agency 

Entrepreneur, explains that if you have experience in the marketing world and want to start a business that allows you to recommend solutions for a diverse array of clients, launching a marketing agency could be a great option.

Statistically speaking, the global market for digital marketing and advertising alone is estimated to be $322.5 billion and is projected to grow to $640.2 billion by the end of 2027

To even begin thinking about this business, you must have wealthy knowledge in the following branches of marketing:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding and Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials
  • Target Audience Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Advertising via PPC
  • Networking

9. Chatbot development 

The chatbot industry is rapidly expanding, presenting a promising opportunity in Kenya’s market, especially due to the success of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, LLaMA2 etc.

Embarking on a chatbot development venture in Kenya holds significant potential for several reasons.

First, the comparatively lower cost of living makes initiating such a business feasible with a modest investment.

Second, the country boasts a rich pool of skilled and cost-effective IT professionals, making it easier to assemble a proficient team of chatbot developers.

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Third, the Kenyan government actively supports the IT sector, extending tax benefits and incentives to companies engaged in chatbot creation and implementation.

By following steps like selecting a niche market, building a skilled team, and executing effective marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can seize the opportunity to contribute to the flourishing chatbot landscape and enhance customer engagement and business growth in Kenya.

10. Affiliate marketing 

As discussed in a previous post, affiliate marketing is one of those few online hustles that can make you hundreds of thousands to millions in a month.

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing model where you promote someone else’s product or service and earn a percentage of the sale if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

It can be a great way to make money online, but it’s important to do your research and choose a product or service that you’re passionate about. If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Read more here.

For more small businesses to start in Kenya, read here.

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Running any business in Kenya requires a combination of many factors that lead to success. This article has outlined ten small businesses in Kenya that work and make good profits monthly.

Good Luck with any venture you choose to dive into!

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