Rigathi Gachagua Claims His Life Is In Danger

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Mathira MP Rigathi GachaguaImage adapted from the-star.co.ke
  • Outgoing Mathira MP has claimed that his life is in danger.
  • He said this while on a campaign trail in Nyeri town.
  • The aspiring DP said that he will however not be cowed by this threat to his life.

With heightened political tension in the country, politicians are not trying to cool down the masses, days to the general election.

As observed by the keen eyes of Daily Hub, politicians are using this homestretch campaign period to manipulate Mwananchi’s emotions. This is a classic move that has been used time and again by political strategists.

Kapsabet campaign trail

In a campaign trail in Kapsabet on the 29th of July, Rigathi Gachagua called off President Uhuru Kenyatta, asking him to stop threatening him and his Kenya Kwanza team.

The outgoing Mathira MP pointed out that Mama Ngina had something to do with the demise of J.M. Kariuki, a formidable politician and a patriarch of Kenya. He then proceeded to chastise the president by saying that he should not do any harm to him or his Kenya Kwanza supporters like his mother did to J.M. Kariuki several years ago.

Ruto’s stand

DP William Ruto on the other hand brought up the same issue, saying that Uhuru Kenyatta should not harm his kids and that they should both respect each other. The aspiring presidential candidates have therefore asked the president to retire silently and peaceful, because the constitution dictates so.

Wewe sasa unaanza kunithreaten mimi? Ati utanifanya nini? Bora usiue watoto wangu…lakini mimi na wewe, tafadhali, tuheshimiane!

DP Ruto.

Details emerging from The Star news have established that there were allegations that Uhuru Kenyatta held a secret meeting where he allegedly mentioned that he will teach Kiharu lawmaker Ndindi Nyoro and Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria a lesson. It is for this reason that the political bigwigs asked the president to stop threatening them.

Gachagua’s fear for his life

According to a news post by The Star, Rigathi Gachagua has expressed fear saying that some individuals have been following him around.

The reason I am saying my life is in danger is that some people have been following me, a recent case being in Nakuru. But I am not afraid, I am ready to pay the ultimate price

Rigathi said while on a campaign trail in Nyeri county.

Despite this claims by the Kenya Kwanza bandwagon, Rigathi Gachagua and team have exuded certainty in wining this election.

Remember to Keep peace. Don’t bleed for them to lead.

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