Raila Wants To Be Declared President By Supreme Court, Says Ahmed Nassir

Fresh Details on The Azimio Petition.

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SC Ahmed Abdulahi Nassir COURTESY
  • Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition don’t want a re-run of the elections.
  • They Want Raila to be declared as president elect.

Fresh details regarding the anticipated presidential election petition have emerged after Senior Counsel Ahmed Nassir spilled the beans in a social media post on 19th August of 2022.

SC Ahmed Abdulahi Nassir

According to the Senior counsel, the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition don’t want a re-run of the elections. Rather, they want the Apex court to declare Raila Odinga as the president elect, and overturn Chebukati’s declaration made on 15th August 2022.

According to latest information provided by the-star, SC Ahmed Nassir stated within the same post on social media, that it is neither improbable nor impossible for Azimio and the Supreme Court respectively.

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According to Chebukati’s presidential elect declaration, Ruto garnered 7,176,141 votes while Raila received 6,942,930 votes which are 48.85 per cent of the vote.

The Twitter Post

Raila Odinga, Martha Karua and Musyoka Kalonzo have since the declaration dismissed the results and stated that they won the election.

The Azimio Chieftain Mr. Odinga on Tuesday 16th August 2022 urged his supporters to remain calm as the coalition seeks legal methods to nullify Dr. William Ruto’s election win.

The Azimio coalition has put together 30 top lawyers in the country who will, according to the-star, present a watertight case to the judges at the Apex court. The Raila-bandwagon has said that they are confident justice will prevail.

Julianna Cherera’s Mathematics

Meanwhile, Kenyans are still confused with what Cherera Julianna and 3 other IEBC commissioners meant when they held a press briefing stating that the voter percentage exceeded the total by 0.01%. With many saying that the math doesn’t add up, it’s up to the Judiciary to verify and give a verdict on the allegations. Daily Hub’s assessment is that the Cherera story will be used as evidence in the courts.

The lawyers representing Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance have to beat the Tuesday deadline, as seven days end then, by 2.00PM.

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President elect William Ruto, on the other hand, hasn’t shown evidence of being shaken by Azimio’s moves to rally a petition against them. The incoming president has taken up the role and started presidential roles, which include meeting foreign nationals, and planning for Kenya.

Mixed Reactions From State-House

A statement made by his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua showed that Uhuru Kenyatta has been reluctant to contact the president elect, who is still residing in his home in Karen.

The state has however deployed the elite squad of the GSU to protect the incoming president.

William Ruto has also submitted the two names (with one pending) to the state-house, that will be part of the presidential committee. The names have not yet been released to the public, as per the time of publication.

The president elect and his deputy have also been gazetted by the national printer, a move that shows that the state has recognized Ruto as the president elect. This, however, comes after an alleged tussle between Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and Rigathi Gachagua.

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