Raila is tired and they are still pushing him to run – Mungatana


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Kenya Kwanza supporters celebrating William Ruto's win declared by IEBC boss Wafula Chebukati on 15th August 2022.COURTESY - NY Times
  • Raila is tired and they are still pushing him to run. They force him to be on the ballot even when he wants to hand it over to another leader - Mungatana

Raila Odinga and his Azimio team members put together an elite team of lawyers that would defend their case at the Supreme Court. In addition, the team delivered a van full with ‘evidence’ of the alleged election rigging. According to the team-Raila, their case was water-tight. Martha Karua on the other hand expressly stated that they had proof that they had won the election. However, no evidence was provided to the court showing that Raila indeed won the elections. Most arguments made by Orengo and team were dismissed by IEBC’s and Ruto’s lawyers as mere hearsay.

With the Supreme Court set to make its verdict on Monday 5th September 2022, various leaders have already taken sides. Self-proclaimed political analysts have also tried to predict the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict.

Ruto will still win if results are nullified – Mungatana

Speaking on Saturday 3rd September, Tana River Senator-elect Danson Mungatana expressed his confidence that Supreme Court will uphold president-elect William Ruto’s victory. According to the destined member of the senate, Ruto won fairly and therefore, Raila did not have reason to dispute the election outcome.

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Mr. Mungatana further emphasized that even if the Supreme Court nullifies Ruto’s win, he would still beat Raila in the ballot, just like he has always done.

Azimio people are saying that we did not win but I want to state here that we won fairly and elections cannot be determined by the courts and if they want a rerun we will still win easily.

Mungatana Danson

The senator-elect asked Raila Odinga to concede defeat. He particularly pointed out that Raila’s team was being pushed by greedy individuals who cling to him just for the benefit of their own political survival and abandon him as soon as they get the posts.

Raila Odinga – Courtesy | NY Times

William Ruto’s illegal poaching of elected leaders

This allegation by the senator elect is in relation to allegations made by Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance that William Ruto was illegally poaching political leaders from Raila’s camp. This, according to report headlines, was to help Kenya Kwanza become the party with majority members in the 13th house. The move is meant to make Kenya Kwanza’s power in government more formidable than it already is.

“Raila is tired and they are still pushing him to run. They force him to be on the ballot even when he wants to hand it over to another leader. They are exploiting him even at the moment they have already won their seats but they cannot even visit him,” he added.

…and if they want a rerun we will still win easily

Danson Mungatana
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