Raila Responds To Claims Of Being Against the Church

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  • Raila denies the accusations that he is against the church.
  • He explains that he had seen discrimination of Nubians and Borana communities.

Speaking in a political public meeting, Raila dismissed allegations that he does not recognise the church.

The ODM chieftain said he was a strong believer and a member of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

There are people who claim that I am against the church hence doesn’t recognise Christianity.

Raila Odinga

In what looked like reference to Ruto, the former Premier said Christianity should be manifested on deeds and not mere talks.

Raila said his opponents had developed political propaganda from a statement he made while meeting Kenyans of Muslim faith to portray him as an enemy of Christians.

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“I was addressing a group of Muslim women who came to see me and they were complaining of discrimination while seeking national identification cards and passports,” he said.

” I was an MP for Langata and I witnessed discrimination of Muslims, Nubians and Boranas. If you want to get an ID, you were asked to produce national identification cards of your father, grandfather and great-grandfather, while these demands were never issued to other Kenyans.

But someone has picked the comments to say I am discriminating Christianity. Then someone said he wants to protect the church. I said the church is protected by the constitution.

Raila Odinga

Raila’s running mate Martha Karua said their opponents found them in church and politics and therefore had no authority to
question their Christianity.

“Being a Christian is not about announcing it loudly to the public, but about someone’s deeds,” the former Gichugu MP said.

“We are believers. We began the campaigns while we were not popular in Central Kenya, but now God has opened our ways.”

Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka condemned those who claimed Raila was not a Christian.

In other related news, Raila has asked Ruto’s running mate to step down from the presidential bid because he is not fit according to the Kenyan constitution. This comes after a court ruling that said that Sh.200 million in the outgoing Mathira MP’s accounts was not legally acquired. The court stated that Mr. Gachagua had engaged in business fraud, thus the verdict.

Mr. Odinga urged the DP to look for another running mate because the constitution dictates that any leader found guilty of corruption should relinquish any political responsibility. Rigathi Gachagua has however mentioned that he will be making an appeal of the case.

Let’s maintain peace in this election period. Don’t bleed for them to lead.

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