Revealed! How Jaramogi Cursed Raila Never To Be President Of Kenya

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Everyone has a political affiliation, including you. In this article however, I will be 100% objective. Do what you may with this information.

5 attempts, 5 failures

Can Raila Odinga wait till 2032 to make a 6th stab at the presidency? Honestly, I don’t know. I’d rather spend my time doing something else than keep thinking about the man that has disappointed many Kenyans five times in a row.

On Sunday 14th August 2022, however, I embarked on research to find out the real reason why Raila is a master of political failure. I say this after observing BBC preliminary polls (unbiased) that placed Ruto with 6.9M votes ahead of Raila who had 6.5M votes. With a total of 14M votes cast, it is impossible for Raila to win the election.

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In my research, I consulted a few elderly people, asking for their sentiments regarding the matter, and one particular statement made me sit next to the speaker for the next 30 minutes. Raila was CURSED by his father!

Well, I don’t know how true this information is. Therefore, I leave you to make your own judgement. As far as I am concerned, I totally believe this information, as no other makes sense at the moment.

How Raila Got Cursed

The year was 1992. Raila stormed into a meeting chaired by his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. With him, was a gang of youth, who avidly supported Mr. Odinga. The meeting, allegedly, was a Ford Kenya delegates conference in the city stadium.

Raila Odinga confronted his father over matters discussed later in this article. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga instructed his son to calm down to no avail. This led to a heated debate between father and son. One thing led to another, and the father cursed the son. According to information from the streets of google, Mr. Jaramogi cursed that Raila will get so close to power but never attain it. Pretty harsh for a father who loved his son.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Jaramogi passed on two years later without lifting the curse that would haunt Raila for the rest of his political career.

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The argument that led to the curse

According to outsourced information, Raila wanted to be the chieftain of his father’s political party after the latter retired. Jaramogi however, had different plans. He wanted someone else to lead the party, and later on, the individual would leave it to Raila.

Raila Odinga did not agree with his father, and it was for that reason that he (Raila) made his own political party and aggravated his father.

Outsourced image

Yes, I know! I haven’t arranged the events in order. At least I did my part. You find out the rest by reading history books

2022 General election

With all evidence pointing to Ruto being the 5th president of Kenya, only a miracle can change what IEBC are yet to announce. This is as per the time of this publication. If you are reading this article after August 15th, you know whether to accept my point of view as true or disregard it completely. Anyway, I hope you disregard it, because I also want Raila as president.

Don’t judge me. I have been as objective as possible, despite having a political affiliation.

But wait, did Nabongo Mumia (Native Luo King) also curse Jaramogi Oginga Odinga? Did the curse turn out to be generational? As enticing as that is, it’s totally a story for another day.

I’d rather spend my time doing something else than keep thinking about the man that has disappointed many Kenyans five times in a row.

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