Raila a Reincarnation of Nelson Mandela; Top Ugandan Newspaper Says

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  • Uganda news publisher on Raila's side.
  • The political veteran was referred to as a reincarnation of Nelson Mandela.

It’s quite surprising to realize that journalists from countries in East Africa are Pro-Raila and against William Ruto. According to a newspaper article posted online by ‘The Observer’, a top Ugandan news publisher, Raila has been described as the true reincarnation of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. DP William Ruto on the other hand, was described as an old friend of the subject.

“Raila Odinga poised to be remembered as the true reincarnation of Nelson Mandela as a statesman of repute in the eyes of Africa and the world, based on the approach to politics and Kenya’s position as one of Africa’s great nations.”

The news article proceeded to point out the similarities between Raila and Mandela, with special emphasis on Mandela’s 27 years in prison. In comparison, Raila was also imprisoned in the 1980s by former president Daniel Moi and his KANU regime.

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The article further described how Raila in collaboration with former President Mwai Kibaki fought to take out Moi from the presidential seat, where they were successful.

In addition, Raila was described as the ideal next president of the Republic of Kenya, especially since outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta is supporting the man.

According to ‘The Observer’, “Kenyatta realized he was dealing with someone who cared more about Kenya’s interests than any other Kenyan he had worked with before.”

According to the post, Kenya was better of in the hands of Raila Odinga than William Samoei Ruto, as the former could be trusted to put country above self.

Following the article by the Ugandan publisher, the daily hub team proceeded to investigate if the case was similar in Tanzania, a member of East Africa. The Citizen was found to have similar sentiments about Raila Odinga.

In a post done about two days before this one, the Citizen publisher gave one of their articles a title, ‘Early Count shows close race for Raila, Ruto in poll marked by low turnout’.

Don’t Bleed For Them To Lead!!!

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