Will Pi Be Worth It? Pi Cryptocurrency Price Forecasts for 2023, 2025, and Beyond

An overview of the Pi Network, potential Pi price predictions for 2023, 2025, and 2030, and estimated timeframes for the official Mainnet launch & exchange listings.

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Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency that is still in development and not yet publicly tradable. The Pi coin cannot be bought or sold on any exchanges yet. However, there is much speculation and interest around the future Pi price and launch timelines.

In this comprehensive blog post, I’ll provide an overview of the Pi Network, analyze potential Pi price predictions for 2023, 2025, and 2030, and discuss estimated timeframes for the official Mainnet launch and exchange listings.

Introduction to Pi Network

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project founded in 2018 by a team of Stanford graduates. The goal of Pi is to build a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency and marketplace that is inclusive and easy to use.

Users can currently earn Pi coins by contributing to the network as nodes through the Pi mobile app. The mining process uses a consensus protocol called the Stellar Consensus Protocol, which allows transactions to be confirmed quickly with low energy consumption.

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Some key facts about the Pi cryptocurrency:

  • There is no Pi ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or a way to purchase Pi yet. The only way to accumulate it currently is through the mobile app.
  • There are over 35 million users signed up for the Pi Network so far, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency communities.
  • Pi has a maximum supply limit of approximately 300 million Pi, which should ensure scarcity once it is widely circulated.
  • The Pi testnet is already active but the Mainnet launch will make Pi transferable and exchangeable.
  • Pi’s core team and developers are funded by Stanford University grants and venture capital. This gives the project more credibility compared to many cryptocurrency projects.

With this background context, let’s analyze some potential price trajectories for Pi leading up to 2030.

Pi Mainnet Launch Date Estimate

The major milestone that will determine Pi’s valuation and traceability is the official Mainnet launch. According to Pi’s roadmap, Mainnet was scheduled to launch in Q1 2023. However, the beta version of Mainnet still needed extensive testing and code audits before it was ready for full release.

Realistically, Q2 or Q3 of 2023 seemed a more likely timeframe for the Mainnet launch based on the progress so far. There could easily be delays if critical issues are discovered. Once live, the Pi blockchain will become fully operational and Pi earned on the app can be transferred, cashed out, or traded.

So far, we are looking at a probable Q4 launch of Mainnet. This, however, could still be pushed to early 2024, depending on the plans of the Stanford nerds.

This Mainnet launch will be a massive test for the Pi Network. If successful, it will prove the viability of Pi’s technology and start building real monetary value. But if the launch stumbles with technical problems, it could dampen enthusiasm and adoption.

Pi Coin Price Prediction for 2023

Most Pi enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting 2023 when they will finally be able to realize the value of the Pi they have been accumulating. However, valuing a new cryptocurrency before it hits exchanges is almost impossible. The price will depend on many unpredictable factors.

If we assume the Mainnet launch goes relatively smoothly in 2023, Pi could potentially hit exchanges in Q3 or Q4 of 2023. Listing on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken would accelerate price discovery and trading activity.

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If Pi becomes widely traded on exchanges in 2023, a realistic debut price range appears to be $0.01 to $0.05 per Pi coin. This is considering the large max supply of 300 million.

However, if buying activity is very strong out of the gate, potentially driven by Pi’s large user base, the 2023 average price could perhaps reach $0.10. Though prices over $0.20 seem unlikely for a newly launched coin with no proven track record.

A key question is whether the years of social engagement on Pi’s app will translate into monetary value and investor confidence. By the end of 2023, if adoption accelerates, a year-end price of around $0.25 per Pi is feasible.

This would give Pi Network a fully diluted market valuation of $75 million (300 million Pi x $0.25). For an untested cryptocurrency, this seems like an optimistic but achievable target if excitement remains high through the Mainnet launch.

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Despite the analysis above, CoinMarketCap has a different story to tell.

According to VnExpress, Vietnam’s Ministry of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention launched an investigation into Pi Network. Please note that Mainnet has not launched yet and the price displayed above for certain exchanges reflects the value of the IOUs and it may not be transferable across exchanges.

Pi Network Potential Price Forecasts for 2025

Making cryptocurrency price predictions 2-3 years out is highly speculative, but useful for establishing potential growth scenarios.

If Pi Network can build utility and usage for its coin between its Mainnet launch and 2025, Pi’s price could realistically trade between $0.50 to $1.00 by 2025. This would make it a top 50 cryptocurrency by market cap, but still a long way from the top 10.

What factors could potentially drive Pi to $1 per coin by 2025? Here are some possibilities:

  • Rapid user growth to 100+ million members, based on social virality and emerging market adoption.
  • Listing on major exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini increases investor exposure.
  • Development of Pi’s peer-to-peer marketplace for goods & services. Real utility for Pi coins strengthens organic demand.
  • Increased use of Pi for microtransactions, trading, and remittances, especially in developing countries underserved by banks.
  • Staking and lending products that incentivize holding Pi and provide a yield for coin holders.
  • Backing by more legitimate enterprises and regulators which boosts institutional investment.
  • Favourable reviews and ratings for the cryptocurrency could also attract more people to try transacting with Pi.

If Pi only achieves a few of these milestones by 2025, $0.50 or $0.75 per Pi seems reasonable. However, the $1 valuation requires more bullish adoption and utilization.

For $1, the Pi market cap would reach $300 million. For a cryptocurrency focused on usage and daily transactions, this seems like an achievable ascent over 3 years. However, it is still highly dependent on execution, network effects, and user growth after the Mainnet launch.

Pi Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for 2030

Given the rapid evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, a 2030 prediction requires some imagination on future landscapes. However, we can make an approximate forecast based on Pi’s potential trajectory.

By 2030, Pi could have 500 million users or more if it can capture more emerging market share. If blockchain and cryptocurrency achieve more mainstream adoption by 2030, Pi has a credible shot at being a top 20 or 30 cryptocurrency project.

To reach top 20 status, Pi would likely need a multi-billion dollar valuation, which implies a per coin price between $5 to $10 if the coin supply remains near 300 million.

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For Pi to reach $10 per coin, would mean reaching a $3 billion market cap and being considered a major world currency with daily utility. This seems like an optimistic scenario but within the realm of possibility.

Driving factors that could propel Pi to a top-tier cryptocurrency position by 2030:

  • The global user base of over 500 million with high activity and engagement
  • Integration for merchant payments, apps, financial products, gaming, and social media.
  • Staking rewards and borrowing/lending interest creates a Pi economy.
  • Listings on all major centralized exchanges – backing by Fortune 500 companies or partner governments/organizations
  • Additional utility features such as NFTs, smart contracts, messaging, etc.
  • Scarcity from lost coins and long-term user holding also boosts value.

Overall, Pi reaching $10 per coin will require massive adoption and being in the top 10-15 projects. At a $5 valuation though, Pi could still be a top 25-30 cryptocurrency with a multi-billion dollar ecosystem.

Key Factors That Could Impact Price

A few variables that could significantly impact Pi’s price progression:

  • Mainnet launch delay – if the launch stumbles into 2024, it will dampen speculative trading.
  • Competing cryptocurrencies – New mobile-focused coins could limit Pi’s growth if they gain more traction.
  • Cryptocurrency regulations – If regulators crack down on exchange listings or trading, it could negatively impact valuations and accessibility.
  • Hacking or security issues – System failures, hacks, or data breaches could badly damage confidence in the network.
  • Founding team cohesion – Internal conflict or dissolving of the core Pi developers could raise doubts.
  • Market volatility – External factors like recessions, wars, etc negatively affect crypto markets overall.

However, the opposite outcomes in the above scenarios could also positively benefit Pi’s price outlook. The cryptocurrency market remains highly unpredictable.


In summary, Pi Network is an intriguing cryptocurrency project with impressive social traction so far. However, the Mainnet launch and exchange listings will be the real testing ground before the Pi price starts to become established.

Predicting prices far out is challenging, but Pi reaching $0.25 to $1 valuations in the next few years seems achievable if it can transition smoothly into an actively used and traded cryptocurrency.

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In the long term, Pi could potentially reach the top 20-30 cryptocurrencies by market cap within this decade if it continues network expansion and garners utility among everyday users, especially in fast-growing developing economies.

The next 12-18 months will be crucial for Pi to deliver on the long-awaited Mainnet and build critical developer and community momentum after launching. If it succeeds, a bright future may await Pi and its early users.

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