Part-time Small Business Ideas in Kenya

Top Part-Time Jobs in Kenya

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  • Electronics and electrical repair shop.
  • Blogging.
  • Start a laundry business.
  • Start an e-commerce store.
  • Share your skills on a YouTube channel.

With the ever-reducing employment rate in Kenya, campus graduates and students are becoming more ingenious, day by day, as they try to make ends meet. Having a part-time small-scale business in Kenya is one way these youngsters have used to beat unemployment. What’s more fascinating is that even the employed sector can run their businesses while still holding on to their collar jobs without a lot of energy dissipation. This article aims to bring to your attention these ideas so that you can also dive into the entrepreneurial world and start earning that extra money you have been looking for.

Before diving in, it’s important to note that a business is only successful when the entrepreneur is disciplined, resilient, accountable and self-controlled. These virtues distinguish successful businessmen from their failing counterparts. With that out of the way, let’s dive in;

Start a small-scale electronics and electricals repair shop

Starting a part-time electronics/electrical shop will require a low capital investment of around Ksh.20,000 to Ksh.50,000. This capital will enable you to purchase fast-selling inventory such as earphones, phone covers, screen protectors, chargers, torches and any other product that is in high demand in your local area.

You will also need a small business room where you will place your products when selling. Since this is a part-time hustle, make sure you look for a cheap room whose rent won’t plough into your profits.

Since you will be competing with other high-investment electronics shops, make sure you utilize proper marketing channels so that you can access a larger market as compared to your competitors.

If instead, you are looking to start a large-scale full-time electronics shop, consider reading our detailed review of how to start and run a successful electronics-cum-electrical repair shop in Kenya.

Start a laundry business

Starting a laundry service is one business that can go well as a side hustle. You will only have to operate your machines on the weekends or in the evenings after you are done with your full-time job. This hustle is quite simple as operating a washing machine does not need a lot of skill. Reading the manual alone will give you the hang of it.

All you need is to invest in a good washing machine, one that is durable, so that you can reap profits soon enough before it breaks down.

Good washing machines range between Ksh.30,000 to Ksh.40,000. You may choose to buy something more expensive but since this is a part-time business, that will not be a good idea. This is because it will take a long time before you realize your profits.

Start an e-commerce business

Starting an online store to sell new or second-hand products is a business that will not require a lot of attention because when you start, you will not have a large clientele. It will take some time before you are as big as Copia, Jumia or Kilimall.

With an e-commerce store, all you will need is a WordPress WooCommerce webpage and a store to keep your products. Since you are only starting out, you don’t need a warehouse to store products. Your house will suffice. If you choose to sell second-hand products on behalf of friends and relatives, visit and learn a thing or two from them.  

Renting and leasing of machinery

If you own machines such as lawnmowers, printers or big machineries such as tractors and other agricultural machinery, leasing them will help you make some extra cash especially when you are not around to use them yourself.

The most important thing to note, however, is that human beings tend to be careless with property belonging to other people. Therefore, you will have to put up measures that prevent your machinery tenants from simply damaging your machines and walking away without any consequences. With proper management, this can be a really lucrative side job, as you can choose to charge your clients at an hourly rate.

Start a blog on a topic you are interested in

Blogging is one hustle that is flexible with any hustle that you have, except flying into space. All you need is some Ksh.8,000 that’s lying around in your bank account. Here is a quick summary of what you will need to set up a fully functional blog in minutes:

  1. Ksh.1,500 for a basic one-year hosting plan from Truehost Cloud.
  2. A clean and fast theme from Envato’s Themeforest ranges between Ksh.2,000 to Ksh.4,000.
  3. A domain name that will cost you Ksh.1,000.
  4. One hour daily to write and post content that is beneficial to human beings.
  5. An internet connection

Start a YouTube channel on a topic you have wealth of experience in

Are you an accountant, a doctor, a teacher, or perhaps a plumber? There are many people out there that are in need of your expertise. Opening a YouTube channel may be a good way of using your weekends to teach millions of people in the world.

Good youtubers make a lot of money to a point that they quit their collar jobs for full-time youtubing. The main point here is that YouTube is also a good way of making some extra cash. For instance, Maya is a Mitumba dealer but also makes some money from her channel which advises Kenyans on how to start and run a successful Mitumba business.

Start a small-scale Mitumba business

Starting a small-scale mitumba business will require a small capital investment of about Ksh.5,000. You will need to buy the best Mitumba clothes, usually referred to as ‘Camera’ and resell them at a higher price. To succeed with this, you will have to sell the clothes away from these cheap retailers that sold you the clothes, to avoid stiff competition from the already established enterprises. However, if you want to start a large-scale Mitumba business, here is a detailed tutorial on how to set it up and run it successfully. Also included, are the best practices to succeed in the venture.


As you work in both your job and part-time small business ideas, you may want to expand and become fully self-employed. As scary as it may be, the path is the right one. All you have to do is be resilient and diligent. Success!

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