Loans for Your Businesses in Kenya – 5 Best Apps

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Struggling to get your hands on capital to kickstart your dream business in Kenya? Don’t worry, there are many finance options out there and this article will take you through the most popular one, loans apps. This list covers the top mobile-based lending platforms that will provide you with a substantial amount of money that will act as your startup capital. For your benefit, we have also included all the possible businesses you can start with the loans you get from different apps.

Stick to the end, we have arranged this list in ascending order.


With a loan limit of up to KES 150,000, you have the opportunity to start your business or boost it so that you can increase sales and profits. This top Kenyan lender offers a 1% interest fee and a repayment window of up to 30 days.

Furthermore, you don’t need a smartphone to access this service. You can dial the USSD code *844# and access the Timiza loan menu hassle free from any phone. You only have to be at least 18 years old.

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With KES 150,000 you can start;

  • A butchery business
  • Small retail shops
  • A small cyber cafe
  • A bakery

Get access here.

Okolea AKA Leja

From the name, this platform is meant to Okolea you in times of financial trouble. Get access to a loan limit of up to KES 250,000 hassle-free. You only need to be at least 18 years old to apply for this loan.

The loan is deposited in your M-Pesa account minutes after application, so you don’t have to worry about the long processing time that traditional banks take to approve your application.

Apart from the Google playstore app, you can access their services through the USSD code: *842#.

With KES 250,000, you could easily start a:

  • Kinyozi-cum-salon business
  • Cybercafe
  • Mitumba business
  • An electronics business
  • Printing service
  • An e-commerce store

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With a loan limit of up to KES 300,000, you have the opportunity to invest a large capital into your business and start on a high note. With absolutely no paperwork, this lender deposits your money minutes after loan approval and offers an interest rate of 2% to 18% within a repayment period of up to 62 days.

In addition, this platform offers personal rates with absolutely no processing fee or onboarding fee.

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With a quick and easy signup, you get your loan seamlessly from your mobile phone. The lender also offers 24/7 support for its present and potential customers.

With these funds, you could easily start;

  • A shoe-selling business
  • A laundromat
  • A printing service + cyber cafe

For email support, contact [email protected]

Otherwise, download their mobile app here.

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Lion Cash

KES 500,000 is a good starting point for your business. With a loan interest fee of 16%, access this loan in minutes and kickstart your enterprise.

This lender charges no registration fee so you can borrow money seamlessly from the comfort of your palm.

With KES 500,000, you can start;

  • A mitumba business
  • A beauty parlour
  • A Play station lounge etc.


Are you looking for KES 600,000 with little to no paperwork? The Haraka mobile lender is your guy. Get access to a loan limit of up to KES 600,000 instantly and kickstart your business easily.

With a low-interest rate of only 1.6%, you get to enjoy a repayment window of 90 days to 1 Year.


With a one-year repayment period, you have enough time to make a profit that you can then use to repay the loan without hassle.

With a 600,000 loan, you can open start businesses such as;

  • A Play Station lounge
  • An electronics and electricals repair shop
  • A hardware business
  • A gymnasium
  • Farming
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