Lend Plus Loan App Review & Application Process

A quick overview of the Lend Plus loan app, pointing out its positives and negatives.

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Among the many loan applications that are helping Kenyans tackle small to medium financial needs, is the Lend Plus mobile-based digital lender. This loan platform that launched on 16th April 2021, has amassed more than 500,000 Google Playstore downloads and a user rating of 4.2/5.0 as seen at the time of this publication. Therefore, this post aims to take you through a quick overview of this loan application pointing out its positives and negatives. Further, you will learn how to apply for the Lend Plus loan, how to increase your loan limit and any additional details that are relevant to you.

Let’s get started…

Important prior information about Lend Plus loan app

Lend Plus is a loan application that is owned by Aventus Technology Limited. The loan application is about 10 mb in size and has a store rating of 3+, meaning that it is free from any obscene or irrelevant content. Further, no ads are displayed as you apply for your loan and this tremendously improves your user experience.

As you install this application, you will need to grant it permission to access your:

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  • Camera
  • Location
    • GPS
    • Network-based
  • Microphone – To record audio
  • Phone status, identity and contacts
  • Storage – To read, modify or delete contents of your SD card
  • Advertising ID permission

Note: you can disable some of these permissions in your phone settings if you wish to uphold your privacy.  

More details about Lend Plus loan app

Access ApplicationGoogle Playstore
Playstore Rating4.2/5.0
Download Size9-10 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.1 upwards
Email[email protected]
Developer email[email protected]
Offered ByAventus Technology Limited
Lend Plus USSD CodeNone
Service fee0%
Loan limit (KES)500 – 30,000
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)3.65% – 730%
Repayment window61-365 days
Additional chargesDefaulters’ penalty
Age Limit18 – 60 years
Minimum RequirementsNational ID Steady income
Repayment MethodWithin Application
Support Service0709-029-000

How to apply for a Lend Plus loan on your phone

  1. Download and install the Lend Plus loan app from the Google Playstore.
  2. Get Started by entering your phone number and waiting for a verification code that you will receive through SMS. Proceed to the next window.
  3. Set your Pin Code – Make sure you use a safe but memorable pin code for this account
  4. Notice of terms, conditions and privacy policies will appear on your screen. Click Agree and continue.
  5. Lend Plus loan app will need to access permissions discussed earlier in this post. Allow all and proceed.
  6. Fill in your personal, registration and contact details accurately. This information will be used to determine your approval. Click Continue.  
  7. You will then be directed to the main dashboard. Click on ‘Apply’.
  8. Apply for your loan depending on the loan limit you have received.
  9. Your loan will be deposited INSTANTLY upon approval.

What do people say about the Lend Plus loan app?

With over 6,000 reviews, here is a breakdown of positive and negative reviews;

Positive reviews

I love this app. Their customer service is exemplary, they have friendly interest rates and the best part is the extension option, whereby you can pay a small charge to push your deadline further ahead. You can extend as many times as possible until you are financially prepared to clear the whole amount. Highly recommend!! MK (5/5 Rating)

MK (5/5 Rating)

It has a reasonably low-interest rate. Then there is an option for an extension of the loan repayment period. The only downside is reminders before the due date e.g., 3 days to… Even if you are a few days before the due date, they annoyingly send texts reminding you to extend or repay. Work on that.  JT (5/5 Rating)

JT (5/5 Rating)

Negative reviews

So many phone calls from different people despite having communicated. Probably could be the same people giving 5-star ratings to their own app. I don’t recommend it!!

(1/5 Rating)

(1/5 Rating)

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