KUCCPS Inter-Institutional Transfers for 2022/2023; Simplified Procedure

In A Nutshell; Interinstitutional Transfer Process

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  • Make sure that you have fulfilled all prerequisites before applying.
  • Don't fall prey to scammers that will take advantage of this transferring period.
  • Success as you join campus!

Landing in the wrong university or in the wrong course is something that demoralizes a lot of students. This is why KUCCPS came up with a system of allowing second revisions, second selections and finally, interuniversity transfers. This article will give you a simple guide on how to apply for an interinstitutional transfer for students in the year 2022/2023.

Before knowing the steps, make sure you have the necessary requirements that make you legible for the transfer. Requirements include:

  1. A parent or guardian, who will advice you to make sure that you are making the right choice. Don’t ignore this, as a lot of students do their transfers alone, and regret later. You need insight.
  2. A processing fee that is required to cater for the transfer service costs, payable to KUCCPS MPESA Pay bill number. Read through to see the pay bill number below.

KUCCPS Inter-Institutional Transfers for 2022/2023; Simplified Procedure, Important Details to Note

  • KUCCPS must have already placed you in that university or college that you don’t want.
  • You should meet the course requirements of that institution you want to transfer to. Your current institution does not matter. The applicant should view the available programs and their requirements by clicking the Programs tab above and can search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab above.
  • If applying for a degree, you must meet the required cutoff points for that particular course in the institution you are transferring to.
  • The program you are applying for should be currently provided by the institution. Make sure to confirm.
  • You can only apply to transfer to one program.
  • You can only transfer once
  • For every course applied for, only the seven-character code will be needed for application.

2022/2023 Interinstitutional Transfer Procedure

Step 1: Login to the KUCCPS Portal

Visit KUCCPS Student Portal to login to your student account. You will input your KCSE Index Number and the year you did the examination. The default password is your KCPE Index Number or Birth Certificate Number. Keep your details safe and avoid sharing your password.

Once inside your portal, proceed to step 2

Step 2: Click on the Transfer tab at the top of the navigation bar

KUCCPS Dashboard Menu

The ‘Transfers’ tab appears in the second last position, just above the ‘Downloads’ option. Click on that option and proceed to the next step. Note that only legible students are allowed to transfer. Otherwise, you will meet such a notification, claiming that you are not allowed to transfer.

When you are illegible to transfer

If you are legible, proceed.

Step 3: Fill in the transfer Application details

Follow the onscreen instructions, filling your application details correctly and to the best of your knowledge. Ensure you have a guardian around. Detailed guidelines for the transfer application are available on your portal.

Step 4: Reason for Your Transfer

Ensure that you fill in suitable and logical reasons for transfer, being persuasive in the process.

Step 5: Pay the Service Fees

Check your portal for the pay bill number. Ensure that you have keyed in the correct values before making the required payment of Ksh.1000 bob. I will not give you the pay bill number as the account may be changed without notification. It is important to note that scammers will use blogs and other social media platforms to lure unsuspecting victims into paying the amount directly. Be wise and abstain from unscrupulous people.

After payment, remember to keep the transaction code safely as it may be needed elsewhere. Don’t make any payment after the application deadline has passed.

Step 8: Review by KUCCPS

Your application will be read and reviewed by KUCCPS and in a few days, you will be notified if approved or not.

Step 9: Transfer Letter

When approved, you will be able to download your transfer letter from the portal. This is the simplified procedure of KUCCPS Inter-Institutional Transfers for 2022/2023.

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