Roles Of Kithure Kindiki As CS For Interior & Coordination

Cabinet Secretary For Interior and Coordination Functions.

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  • The former Tharaka Nithi senator played a key role in the Supreme Court contest, having also served as the President-elect’s chief agent in the August 9 poll.

President William Ruto appointed Kithure Kindiki as the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination. Here is a detailed account of all the roles the CS is expected to handle.

The lawyer is among 22 other lucky candidates that managed to be appointed cabinet secretaries in the Ruto government on the 27th September, 2022.

Brief History of Kithure Kindiki

The former Tharaka Nithi senator played a key role in the Supreme Court contest, having also served as the President-elect’s chief agent in the August 9 poll. Kindiki is supposed to take over from outgoing CS Fred Matiang’i as soon as he is vetted and approved by the 13th house.

Before his nomination to the Interior ministry, Kindiki had expressed his interest to run for the seat of governor in Tharaka Nithi County.

But he later shelved political career his ambitions upon a request by Ruto to join his national campaigns.

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While in office, the CS will take up the roles of the ministry of Interior and coordination as listed below:

Functions of the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination

  1. Betting Control and Licensing
  2. Border Control Point Management
  3. Citizenship and Immigration Policy and Services
  4. Civilian Oversight over Police
  5. Criminal Investigation Department
  6. Disasters and Emergency Response Coordination
  7. Drug and Narcotic Substance Control
  8. Government Printer
  9. Internal Security Affairs
  10. Internal State functions
  11. Kenya Police Service
  12. Kenya Prison Services
  13. Management of Boundaries
  14. Management of Correctional Services
  15. Management of Refugee Policy
  16. National Cohesion and Reconciliation Management
  17. National Disaster Management
  18. National Disaster Operations Centre
  19. National Disaster Policy
  20. National Government Coordination of Counties
  21. National Peace Building and Conflict Management
  22. Policy on Training of Security Personnel
  23. Registration of Births and Deaths Services
  24. Registration of Persons Services
  25. Security of Airstrips and Roads
  26. Small Arms and Light Weapons Management Institutions
  27. National Disaster Operations Centre

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  • Mr cs,kihure kindiki na ikufikie, their is a serious crime which will happen on monday at meru, at north iment, area of Rahim dawood , where it involves you’re police land registra and judiciary and it’s all about land just be notified and have interest to know what’s going on b4 it’s too late

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