Karua Motivates Supporters With Kenny Rogers Lyrics

Martha Karua Still Stands Strong

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Martha Karua COURTESY - Twitter
  • "Something inside so strong I know that I can make it, though you're doing me wrong so wrong, you thought that my pride was gone, oh no There's something inside so strong, Something inside so strong..."

Martha Karua has yet again proven that her confidence and pride is still part of her, even after receiving a hefty blow from the Supreme Court after their petition was thrown out of court. This comes a day after 5th September 2022 when CJ Martha Koome declared that the Apex Court came to a unanimous decision to reject Azimio’s petition.

“Raila and Karua released statements separately saying they respect the court’s decision although they disagree with it.”

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Something Inside So Strong

The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become.

Above are the opening lyrics to Kenny Rogers’ 1989 hit song ‘Something Inside So Strong’.

Martha Karua deemed it fit to use the lyrics captioned above in her statement on 6th September 2022.

The American song-writer who died in 2020 did not know that his song would be used to motivate supporters of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance, after bitterly losing the elections to William Ruto.

On that Tuesday, Martha Karua tweeted the lyrics of the Song’s chorus, to show that her spirit to pursue politics was undented. This has left many Kenyans wondering if Raila Odinga’s running mate will be on the 2027 ballot papers.

“Something inside so strong I know that I can make it, though you’re doing me wrong so wrong, you thought that my pride was gone, oh no There’s something inside so strong, Something inside so strong…”

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Ruto’s Mockery

William Ruto, on 5th September, had promised Kenyans that he would not tolerate another handshake, as it did not help Kenyans in Uhuru’s government. He proceeded to troll Citizen TV, Inooro TV and Chemutai Goin, but did not mock Raila Odinga or Martha Karua.

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