Itumbi; Ruto Is The Next President With 7.1 M Votes

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Digital Journalist Dennis Itumbi, in several social media accounts, released provisional presidential results showing William Ruto taking the lead, with 99% of total polling station forms tallied.


In twitter specifically, he posted that William Ruto garnered a  total of 7,106,748 votes equal to 51% of the total votes cast. Raila Odinga, according to the tweet, garnered 6,870,784 votes.

According to Itumbi, the numbers above account for 99% of the forms, which translate to 45,750 forms out of 46,233.

Itumbi’s Tweet

The political strategy consultant started is live stream on Facebook on 10th of August, where he made public his team that was working tirelessly, counting and compiling votes from form 34As provided by the IEBC through their online portal.

Dennis Itumbi proceeded to congratulate DP William Samoei Ruto as the next president of the Republic of Kenya.

Itumbi’s history

Mr. Itumbi has had a history of providing controversial information that has usually landed him in hot soup more than once. The Kenya Kwanza supporter is the director of ‘Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau’, that has in history, been accused of providing false unverified information.

It is therefore hard to trust his sources of information, despite him stating that his presidential tallies are summed up from data extracted from the IEBC portal.

Wafula Chebukati, in relation to this, announced that third parties were allowed to access and tally the votes themselves and that is why different media stations have different leading presidential aspirants. He stated, that the external teams used different criteria thus the provisional discrepancies.

Kenyans have been urged to wait for IEBC to release the winners and that other sources should eventually correspond accross the country.

Edwin Sifuna

Edwin Sifuna – ODM Secretary General

Similarly, Edwin Sifuna, the Secretary General of ODM posted in his twitter account that Raila was the winning candidate in the 2022 elections. Latest information has proven that the tweet is misleading. Read more of this here.

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