IG Hillary Mutyambai Gets Financial Autonomy After Ruto Directive

Public reforms in the first 100 days of H.E. Ruto's Presidency.

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  • The move, as explained by top government officials, is aimed at promoting police autonomy.
  • Mr. Mutyambai will also be expected to attend meetings of Accounting Officers called by the CS for the National Treasury.

Police IG Hillary Mutyambai has on September 16th been designated the accounting officer for the National Police Service after President Ruto directive.

Police financial freedom

The move, as explained by top government officials, is aimed at promoting police autonomy. The police force will now have freedom over their budgeting and expenditure as from September 2022 onwards. The IG is now in-charge of financial management of the service.

This information was relayed to the police and subsequently to the media by the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ikur Yatani, making it the first time in the history of Kenya where the executive has granted the police autonomy in financial decisions. From the Nation Africa, the duties have been transferred from the office of the president to the office of the inspector general of police.

Mutyambai has to report to the Interior CS

Despite the attractive upgrade to the IGs responsibilities, Mr. Mutyambai will have to report to the CS Ministry of Interior on all financial matters regarding the police service. This directive has been made to keep the National Police Service in check, thus preventing misappropriation of national funds.

IMF subsidy reduction

This move comes after President William Ruto gave a directive to reduce the IMF subsidies on fossil fuel in the country, together with the reverting of the Nairobi and Naivasha Inland Container Depots back to Mombasa port.

Mutyambai will have to attend meetings

In line with the new financial management responsibility of the IG, Mr. Mutyambai will also be expected to attend meetings of Accounting Officers called by the CS for the National Treasury aimed at deliberating on issues of public finance management.

This move is part of the many policies being implemented by William Ruto within his first 100 days as president of the republic of Kenya.

William Ruto’s inauguration speech

During his inauguration, President Ruto stated that he would grant the police financial autonomy, as the required by the constitution, in an apparent move to stop intimidation and misuse by the executive. Police will therefore discharge their services without fear and interference from higher authorities.

H.E. President William Ruto Inauguration Ceremony at Kasarani Stadium on Tuesday

“I have instructed that the instruments conferring financial autonomy to the NPS by transferring their budget from the Office of the President and designating the Inspector General as the accounting officer be placed on my desk for signature this afternoon,” Ruto said on Tuesday.

More details in the letter sent by Yatani to Mutyambai

According ‘The Standard PLC’, Treasury CS Ikur Yatani whipped up a letter dated 15th September, 2022 detailing the directive given by H.E William Ruto. The letter was delivered to the IG two days after Ruto made the reform.

“In accordance with the power conferred upon the Cabinet Secretary to the National Treasury you are hereby designated as the accounting officer of the NPS with effect from September 15,” said Yatani in the letter to Mr. Mutyambai.

The letter was copied to the Head of Public Service Joshua Kinyua, Auditor General Nancy Gathungu, Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakango and CS Interior.

“As an accounting officer you must familiarize yourself with the Constitution and you are required to keep your CS updated on all financial matters and provide information and reports as may be directed by the Cabinet Secretary.”

The reform is aimed to combat the deeply rooted graft cases plaguing the nation, amid economic constraint. Kenyans can only wait and see if the decision was wise.

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