IEBC Split Over Ruto’s Presidential Win, Says the Last Phase Was Opaque

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Dr. William Samoei Ruto has been declared as the 5th president elect of the republic of Kenya, by the Chief returning officer, Wafula Chebukati. However, a few minutes before the announcement, 4 commissioners held a press briefing at the Serena Hotel on Monday 15th August 2022. There they stated that they cannot take ownership of the election results that were set to be announced at the Bomas of Kenya.

The Briefing at Serena Hotel Nairobi

Julianna Cherera made the press briefing, and in her company were the three other commissioners namely Julius Nyang’aya, Francis Wandiri and Irene Masit.

In the briefing, the deputy chair of the IEBC Julianna Cherera stated that the IEBC has done up and down in ensuring that the elections are carried out legitimately. She said that the election standards had been improved as compared to the previous elections in Kenya’s history.

“…as the commission, we have done a good job…but, some things need to be put out there. As you can see, the four of us we are here not at Bomas of Kenya, where the result is going to be announced because of the opaque nature of how this face has been handled. We therefore cannot take ownership on the result that is going to be announced. However, we have an open door that people can go to court and because of the same, we urge Kenyans to be peaceful because the rule of the law is going to prevail,” said Julianna Cherera.

Chaos in Bomas of Kenya

Amidst the press briefing, chaos erupted at the Bomas of Kenya where Ledama Olekina and his team seamed restless over matters not yet brought to light. Daily hub strives to keep you updated as soon as information is available.

The press statement has brought more confusion in the country especially after the delays of announcing the presidential election winner, that was set to happen at 3.00PM on the same day.

Raila missing at the Bomas

Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua did not make an appearance in the Bomas of Kenya and this had initially led to speculations that Raila had lost his fifth stab at the presidency to none other than William Samoei Ruto.

Election Results at last. Don’t Bleed for them to lead!

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