How To Start a Smokie Business on Campus


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  • Low capital required to start.
  • Licenses will cost you approximately KES4,000.
  • Choose between a Jua Kali or a Farmers' Choice cart.

Being a campus student equips you with incredible money-saving skills, especially if at the start of the semester, you squander your upkeep. However, the going can get tough and therefore, you may need to come up with ways to survive in the academic institution. One way of sorting out low finances is to start a smokie and egg-selling business while on campus. Therefore, this article will show you how to start and run a successful smokie and boiled eggs business in Kenya, whilst still on campus. Note that the content herein is not limited to campus students.

What do you need to start a smokie and boiled eggs business on campus?

1. Licenses

County Government Hawkers LicenseKES3,000
Medical CertificateKES1,050
license cost analysis

Many smokie business owners opt not to go for these licenses because the county government scrutiny is low. However, to be on the safe side, you must purchase these licenses so that your business operations are legal.

2. Equipment

All you need are cutlery and a cart or hotpot to keep your smokies hot. Of course, this list assumes that you already possess a Jiko or gas cooker in your house that you will use to cook your stock before selling them.

*Smokie Vendor’s CartKES6,000 to KES10,000
Hot PotKES2,000 to KES3,000
Cutlery – 1 Knife, Spoons, ForksKES1,000
Wrapping Papers (biodegradable)KES200 or less
CharcoalKES150 to KES200
equipment cost analysis

*Smokie Vendor’s Cart – there are two common types of carts you may choose to buy.

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  • Farmers’ Choice Cart
  • Jua Kali Cart

If you are having financial constraints, you should opt for the Jua Kali cart as it is more affordable.

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3. Stock

A pack of smokies – 22 PCSKES480
1 crate of eggs – 30 eggsKES360
Kachumbari + DaniaKES100
Tomato sauce and chilli sauceKES300
Stock/inventory cost analysis

4. Location

You should set up your cart in a place with a lot of movement, e.g., outside university gates, churches, etc. this will ensure that you track the maximum number of customers daily.

What is the average income of a smokie business per day?

Depending on the size of the market, a smokie + boiled eggs business averagely sells 40 smokies and 30 eggs. This is if you start selling at around 6.00 pm.

Grossly, this translates to KES1,950 per day and KES30,000 per month. The net profit will be determined by your expenditure on the stock.

What is the advantage of starting this business?

  • No professional skills are needed.
  • The business is easy to manage.
  • The market is accommodating.
  • Competition is entirely based on aesthetics and kachumbari because the price is always constant.

What are the disadvantages of a smokie + boiled eggs business?

  • Income is not as high as other businesses such as play station lounges or liquor stores.
  • Smokies are not a basic need so your customers can do without you in tough economic times.

Why do people leave this business?

After three to six months of operation, most campus students prefer to use their saved profit and start more lucrative businesses that yield better income. This is the most common reason for departure from the hustle.

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