How To Go Viral And Make Money On TikTok In Kenya

Content that attracts views, and how to make money from your TikTok

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  • TikTok is the new center of revenue for young adults.
  • here are the success strategies for TikTok growth and earnings.

Big tiktokers achieved a high target audience in less than two years of consistently posting high-quality content on their TikTok accounts. Since it started in September 2016, TikTok has been a revenue hub for young adults. In this article, you will understand what content attracts views, how to be successful in TikTok, and how to monetize your TikTok to establish financial stability.

How to go viral on TikTok

1.      Post consistently at regular intervals

Keeping your audience updated on your new content is key to establishing a stable subscribing rate. Once people view your video twice or thrice, they will probably click on your bio for more and will likely share them across other social media platforms. Regular intervals will enable your subscribers to predict when you will probably post next, and they will be there to view your new videos.

2.      Post relevant and entertaining content

Nothing disappoints more than a video that doesn’t make any sense. Users will scroll past your content without liking and this is bad for the TikTok algorithm. Make sure that every video you post makes sense and that your subscribers or viewers aren’t complaining in the comments section.

In addition to posting relevant content, make sure that you satisfy your viewers or do so in a subsequent video.

3.      Use relevant hashtags

Like any other social media platform, hashtags contribute to the success of content uploaded daily on TikTok. According to SEO experts, hashtags should be used sparingly. Choosing 3-5 appropriate tags is way more effective than using 20+ tags on one video. Understand your target audience and use tags relevant to them.

Read more on how hashtags work here.

4.      Utilize video editors and green screens

High-quality videos require editing from powerful tools such as adobe premiere pro and green screen effects to make videos movie-like. Videos that utilize these tools perform better than ordinary videos. For instance, if you upload dancing clips on your TikTok, adding effects that rhyme with the beat will make your video more attractive. Note, however, that this is not mandatory. Many tiktokers are successful without these expensive accessories.

These tools are recommended for organizations, brands, or artists looking to establish a rememberable brand. To see how to use TikTok’s native green screen, watch this.

5.      Utilize relevant audio and music for your videos

The TikTok AI links up videos that utilize the same audio. So cleverly picking already trending audios will boost your performance in TikTok. Celebrities mostly take advantage of this algorithm.

This trick is necessary but not limited to; dancing, singing, and lip-syncing.

6.      Understanding your target audience and sticking to your niche

People like Crazy Kennar and Otis understand that their audience is there for the comedy. Therefore, they rarely post content deviating from their account’s main topic. This goes a long way in retaining their audience and growing their fan base.

7.      Delete poor-quality and underperforming videos

Poor underperforming videos on TikTok just mean one thing; people don’t like the videos. Delete videos that don’t have any value to your viewers. Be credible so viewers can count on you to provide the necessary entertainment they desire.

8.      Promote your content on other platforms

Sharing your content across your socials could translate to success. Utilize Instagram reels and Facebook to drive viewers to your TikTok account. Share clips of your videos on WhatsApp and link them back to your TikTok.

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What are the types of content that attract views on TikTok?

  1. Comedy
  2. Lip-syncing
  3. Dancing
  4. Exposing cheating spouses
  5. Pranks
  6. Explaining Mystery
  7. Movie recap
  8. Couples and love
  9. Music Production
  10. Tech-related videos

How to make money from TikTok

1.      Sponsored content

Once in a while, you can create videos on behalf of an enterprise that will pay you for that specific piece of content.

More often than not, brands will notice you and approach you. There is no need for you to look for these companies. First, focus on growing your TikTok fan base.

2.      Selling TikTok accounts that you have grown from scratch

Growing and selling accounts is another good way of making quick money. You could take two months to grow an audience, and sell the account to the best bidder. You can further apply the same formula to multiple accounts and sell them all at once.

Alternatively, you can be an account broker, buying the accounts and selling them at a higher price, making your profit more efficient.

3.      Affiliate marketing in TikTok

Below is a stepwise procedure for affiliate marketing in TikTok

  • Sign up for affiliate marketing e.g., Amazon, Betika, etc.,
  • Get your affiliate links
  • Create videos specific to the affiliate product or service you signed up for.
  • Place the link in your TikTok bio.
  • Direct viewers to the link through your content videos
  • You get paid either by click-through rate (CTR) or purchases done through your link.

4.      TikTok Ads

For tiktokers with a huge audience, signing up for TikTok ads is the proper direction for you. Just like YouTube Shorts, ads in TikTok are placed in between videos and a creator is paid according to the ads clicked in a certain period. 

5.      Join the TikTok creator fund

According to TikTok guidelines and specifications, all you have to do is create an entertaining video. You should also make sure that your video does not violate any policies of the social media platform.

6.      Advertising your product/gig/service

Kevin Kamau Muchai is a contractor that uses his social media accounts to advertise his career gig. Every time he is involved in an interesting job, he records videos and gives a step-by-step explanation of house construction to his viewers. From this, he gains potential customers looking to build family homes.

Muchai’s doesn’t earn directly from TikTok but gets customers from the social media platform. A perfect example of thinking outside the box. Market your business through all portals available.

7.      Become a TikTok SEO expert and become a coach

Just like you are looking for ways to go viral on TikTok, you could choose to learn more about the TikTok algorithm and use your knowledge to advise other tiktokers like you. Of course, you will do this at a fee. All you have to be is an expert in TikTok SEO and AI algorithms.

8.      Become a brand ambassador

If you already have a large and stable audience, being a brand ambassador for a company is the ultimate step for you. In situations like this, the companies you represent will ask you to wear their products or make content directly related to the enterprise. Negotiation with the company representatives will determine your pay.

In conclusion, being successful in TikTok will require the application of all guidelines listed above, taking note that discipline is key to being successful in anything. 

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