Githongo Risks Jail term If Hacking Claims Against Kenya Kwanza Are False

Tech experts claimed that there was massive rigging in the 2022 presidential elections.

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John GithongoCOURTESY - Twitter
  • Several freelance tech experts have dismissed the affidavit screenshot evidence as staged hacks.
  • Benson Wesonga, in a different affidavit approved the information by Githongo as reliable and factual.
  • Apex court has a lot on their plate.

On Tuesday 23rd August 2022, John Githongo, and Benson Wesonga’s affidavits were made public. In the affidavits, the tech gurus claimed that there was massive rigging in the 2022 presidential elections. According to John Githongo’s affidavit, 56 people were contracted by Kenya Kwanza to manipulate data from the KIEMS kits and the IEBC servers.

John Githongo’s Affidavit Details

Mr Githongo, in his affidavit claimed that he met a man who was visibly tensed and that the man proceeded to explain to him how he and his 55 counterparts were contracted to rig the elections in favor of the 9th respondent, who in this case is President Elect William Samoei Ruto.

John Githongo explained that the man who revealed this malicious activity to him met him at the Batian Hotel located at Argwings Kodhek Road within Nairobi on the 18th of August 2022.

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In summary, this mysterious man said that the hackers received forms from KIEMS kits in their own servers, manipulated the results according to instructions from their leaders and published the fake tallies to the IEBC servers.

In the Affidavit, John Githongo proceeded to attach several screenshots that would act as evidence before the Apex court.

This information caused controversial responses from several reputable individuals across the country.

ICT Expert Analysis

Senior Counsel Ahmed Nasir proceeded to do his own investigations while in Washington DC and through his social media account, tagged an IT expert, who explained all about the hacking claims.

SC Ahmed Abdullahi Nasir

According to the tech expert, the data provided in form of screenshots in the Githongo affidavit ‘are not fully credible’.   

This alleged tech expert, going by the tag @Tonwatai explained, in tough jargon, the intricacies of staging a false hack, so as to implicate a perfectly honest candidate, in this case, William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza bandwagon.

@Tonwatai stated – through his twitter account – that the screenshots had weaknesses not visible to wananchi. According to him, the responses given by the server after every successful manipulation were not the normal expected responses.

From the information above, it’s easy to dismiss the affidavit as a drama story. However, should you really trust unverified sources of information?

Daily Hub

In simple words, the responses lacked critical detail and convenient coincidences showing that the witnesses cooked up a hacking story to present it to the Apex court.

The IT expert further explained that the stage hackers failed to show how the files were converted from .jpg to PDF files which were then re-uploaded to the IEBC servers after vote manipulation. The detailed expose is linked below for the advanced cryptographers.
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From the information above, it’s easy to dismiss the affidavit as a drama story. However, should you really trust unverified sources of information?

Benson Wesonga’s Affidavit


This is the second affidavit that was filed and its main purpose was to show that the data provided in John Githongo’s affidavit proved that the IEBC server was compromised and that the black hat hackers had the ability to read, write, modify/edit and delete files in the server.

According to his affidavit, he received the hacking information on 20th August 2022, from the mentioned John Githongo. Therein, he ascertained that the information contained was factual and reliable.

Wesonga’s Compelling Credentials

Mr. Benson Wesonga is a 10-year ICT expert with special bias to Security and Cryptography. The man also holds MSc. ICT Policy and Regulation and a BSc. Information Technology.

From the credentials provided above, it’s hard to ascertain if the information he stands for is true or false. The supreme court clearly has a tough nut to crack.

I leave this data to your discretion. As always, news in a nutshell.





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